Blog update: “Receiving happiness( ・∀・)っ⊂(´ー`)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/18 blog update, titled “Receiving happiness( ・∀・)っ⊂(´ー`)“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

The story about yuzu tea from yesterday’s blog…

There were a lot of comments like “What kind of situation was it“(>_<) Oops~

When I reread it, I was like “…My explanation… was definitely lacking“, so I’ll go into more detail


The cup was like this

The lip is the small green part,

and the white lid part is what was opened


Continuing from yesterday’s update

Yesterday, something wonderful like this happened

The Poifull candy…

I found the heart-shaped Poifull while I was with Airi

“Look, look A heart-shaped Poifull…… Here, you can eat it” I said, and gave it to Airi~

And then,
“Wow You’re right Eh Are you sure… Eating Poifull takes me back Airi loved Poifull

she said…

As expected, I wasn’t able to eat them all at once,

so I gave Airi the remaining half

And then, during a break in the filming, Airi said

“Hey Maimi-chan There was another heart-shaped Poifull in the ones you gave me Airi didn’t eat it and saved it for you“…

“No way There were two(゜o゜)/ Alright, I’ll eat that heart-shaped oneヽ(´ー`)ノ

…That was the situation

I received a heart-shaped Poifull from Airi

Aren’t heart-shaped Poifull rare…(・o・)?

Isn’t it amazing that there were enough for two people(´ー`)っ

There was happiness yesterday too



In addition, our shoot finished at night, and after I returned home,

I relaxed with my pet dog Cologne~(´ー`)

When I threw myself down, Cologne came and snuggled close to me,

and on top of my arm
she laid her head…(〃▽〃)


While in that position we watched a Sunday drama I had recorded, “Tonbi”

I cried!!

I wasn’t sobbing(>_<。)!!

How should I put it… My eyes were glued to the screen the entire time, and before I knew I felt tears dripping down my face…(;_;)

Then I noticed "Ah I’m crying…”…

Anyway, nobody can watch it without crying

In addition, as soon as I started watching the drama, I saw scenery I remembered…

I confirmed it during the ending credits…… As expectedw(゜o゜)w

They used the stone steps of the Kunouzan Toshogu shrine, the place I went for my first shrine visit this year, in the filming

It was a strange feeling…

I have another photoshoot today, and since I cried,

I was worried

“Will my eyes be swollen(>_<)“…

But they’re alright(*´д`)=3 I’m relieved…

I’ll do my best at the shoot

Lastly, I have an announcement
January 19th (Sat)
℃-ute will appear on the TV Tokyo program “Zakkuri High Touch”

Please be sure to check it out

Alright Well then
I hope a lo~t of happy things happen for everyone…

Until tomorrow~

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