Blog update: “Uh oh(>_<)"

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/16 update, titled “Uh oh(>_<)“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

When I left the house today,
I saw someone walking their dog in the snow

I thought “Whoa!! Aren’t the doggy’s paws cold~“,

but the doggy was shrewdly wearing red shoes~(lol)

The sight of it cheerfully walking while wearing red shoes(‘∇’)♪♪♪… It was really soothing~(*´д`*)

My doggies are sensitive to the cold too

Whenever I hold them, their paws are really cold( ̄◇ ̄;)

Therefore, I often grab their paws to warm them up……


Just now, I was able to hear everyone thinking

“Hey hey(((°∇°;) Won’t you crush your doggies’ paws((((゜д゜;))))”…( ̄□ ̄;)!!

It’s… alright…(^。^;)
Because I properly adjust my strength_(._.)_


Now then
Today I had a photoshoot for the fashion magazine “FINE BOYS”,
which will go on sale February 10th

They showed me the pictures that were taken,

and since I looked different than usual, they felt fresh

By the way, I also appear in the issue of “FINE BOYS” that went on sale this month,

so those who are saying “I still haven’t seen it“… Please check it out, if it’s alright

In addition,
yesterday ℃-ute had a photoshoot for the cover of “YanYan”

The weather was nice yesterday, so the sunlight shining in the studio was rea~lly beautiful


It’s scheduled to go on sale next month
Please be sure to check it out

Also, also, this evening I had a recording for the internet radio program “Idol Hour Hello!Project”,

which will broadcast for 4 weeks starting on February 2nd

It’s a radio program that people all over the world can listen to… So I’m really, really happy

I hope that thanks to this the number of people cheering for ℃-ute all over the world will increase

A picture with the main host, Okamura Yuriko


While typing this blog on the train… I arrived all the way in Kawagoe…(°∇°;)

The station I was supposed to transfer at… has already passed…(°∇°;)

Though I’m acting calm… I’m really flustered on the inside…(°∇°;)

……I’ll head back

Alright, Yaji will concentrate on returning home

Until tomorrow’s update~
Bye by~e(;゜0゜)

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