Blog update: “Slippery(((( ゜д゜;))))”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/15 blog update, titled “Slippery(((( ゜д゜;))))“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

It’s a complete snowscape


It’s refreshing feeling

Since the sky’s clear today, the sun is reflecting off the snow and causing it to sparkle

I can see different scenery than usual~(‘∇’)
It’s wonderful

…I’m delighted to say that… but yesterday… just as expected… the trains stopped and I couldn’t arrive at the meeting time……

It’s no good if I don’t allow myself more time to get there…

The meeting place was just a short walk from the station

Usually, I think
“Just a little faster” and will dash from the station,

but I couldn’t run like that because the snow made it slippery,

so I became frustrated and thought

“I want to hurry, but I can’t~

I walked back to the station when work was finished,

and my manager was slipping all over the place

I was frightened and asked
“Are you alright“(;゜ロ゜)

Since it was a hill road, it was especially scary

But, I thought
“I’m suprisingly good at walking on snow-covered roads“(^^ゞ

If you can, walk on roads without snow
Push the snow down with your heel, and walk with your weight on the back of your foot

Also, I saw this on television awhile back, but you can avoid getting your feet dirty if you walk while pigeon-toed(^^)

When there’s things like snow and puddles on the ground, doesn’t the water splash and get your pants dirty

Therefore, on days like yesterday and rainy days, I purposely walk pigeon-toed

I think it works somewhat, so please try it, everyone

I learned from yesterday, and left the house early today

During my walk, I noticed a lot of people clearing the snow

Thank you very much for your efforts
Thanks to them, I could walk without falling down today

At any rate, I’m really glad the weather is nice today…

I was freezing yesterday…

Though, at a restaurant last night,

a store clerk said “It’s cold, so please use this if you want” and handed us a blanket,

and as my manager and I walked up the hill road while supporting each other,

people saw us and asked “Are you alright“…

I felt the warmth of people all day

Here’s a picture at that restaurant too

↑I shrewdly ordered dessert…

Well, I’ll go cheerfully today


I saw on the news that there were a lot of people injured because of the snow

Everyone, please be very careful

Not just where you’re walking, but above your head too

Well then, I hope everyone has a wonderful day today…

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