Blog update: “Maimi joyfully runs around the garden~==ヽ(´ー`) ノ”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 1/14 update, titled “Maimi joyfully runs around the garden~==ヽ(´ー`) ノ“:

Good afterno~on
It’s Maimi

It’s amazingヽ(≧▽≦)/


It’s pu~re white

It’s beautiful

Is it the first snow in Kantou this season

I looked out the window during breakfast,
“Whoa Snow~” and became excited,

but I was even more surprised when I went outside
It’s piled up this much in Kantou~

It’s really rare, so it makes me happy

Also, while I was on the platform waiting for the train, snow floated in even though there was a roof, and the top of my head had become white before I knew it…(*´∀`)

The tracks, the roofs of the homes, and the trees were pure white… It was completely different scenery than usual

It felt like I had gone somewhere in Touhoku

…I’ve become this excited

But there’s the danger of catching colds, slipping and falling in the snow…
There are a lot of hazards, so please be careful, everyone

Now then,
yesterday was the finale of the Tokyo performances of the Hello! Project concert

We had performed at Nakano Sunplaza since January 2nd…

Hello! Project starts every year here~

There were also live viewings held all over the country yesterday,

and not just those who came to the venue,
but a lot of people went to the theater to watch too…

I’m really glad

I’m grateful to everyone who cheered for us

There was a DVD recording yesterday, so those who are saying

“I couldn’t watch it because of circumstances“, please be sure to check out the DVD

Of course
Everyone who watched yesterday too

The remaining performances are
Nagoya, Osaka, and Fukuoka

I’ll run swiftly until the very end~

And then, today is Coming of Age Day

All of the new adults…


There are several new adults in Hello! Project too

Congratulations, everyone

I think there are coming of age ceremonies in a lot of places today…

I wonder if the snow is causing problems~

On the contrary, will the snow be a good memory~

I saw a lot of clips from coming of age ceremonies on TV,

and everyone’s feelings of gratitude for their parents,
their reunions with the friends they missed…

Watching them I thought “How wonderful~


Ah…… Is it because of the snow…

The trains have stopped…

Will it be alright~
Can I make it on time~

As expected, snow causes various problems…

Well then, I’ll head out fired-up today

Until tomorrow~

Today’s pictures were taken yesterday~

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