August poll results

Sooooooooooo…. I clearly dropped the ball with the MaimiLog polls last year. But it’s a brand-new year, so let’s give it another shot. First, the results from August 2012’s poll which asked, “Which side group of Maimi’s would you like to see revived?” In first place, unsurprisingly, was the mega-group High-King with 20 votes. Coming in at second place with 13 votes were Buono!’s rivals, Bello!. Next, the one-shot group B℃ST came in third place with 6 votes. And finally, Maimi’s first group ever, ZYX, came in fourth place with 4. Unfortunately for us fans, a High-King revival seems unlikely without a radically different line-up, as the only remaining members of the group will be Maimi and Shimizu Saki after Tanaka Reina’s graduation later this year. At least we’ll always have their great songs and performances to look back on.

Alright then, hopefully most of you have had a chance to read the “Top 12 Maimi moments of 2012” article posted on MaimiLog yesterday. If not, please take a second to do so. I’ll even give you a handy link –> here. Now, this list was compiled by myself with little input from others, and while I’m proud of the finished product, I realize that it’s still just a matter of opinion. That said, I wanted to get input from all of the MaimiLog readers as to what their thoughts were on the subject. And so January 2013’s poll asks “What are the top Maimi moments of 2012?” The choices will be the 12 moments from the article, and you’re able to choose up to 3. I’m really interested as to what the results will be, so please cast your votes!

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