Blog update: “Favorite shotヾ(^^ )”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 12/27 blog update, titled “Favorite shotヾ(^^ )“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Including today, there’s only 5 days left in the year


Time passes steadily, doesn’t it…

Though that seems obvious, recently I’ve been thinking about stuff like that often…

When I think about it, things that made me feel

“I can’t wait… but it’s still far, far off~“,

and performances that made me nervous and think

“I want time to stop

are all in the past now…

Even those things make me think “How nostalgic…“…

By the way, right now I’m excited for our concert in Fukuoka on the 30th

But before that,
tomorrow I have a dress rehearsal for the New Year’s Hello! Project concert starting on January 2nd…

I’m nervous and impatient about that…

When I overcome this nervousness, the concert is waiting for me(・∀・´)

At yesterday’s rehearsal, our manager said “For ℃-ute…“, and gave us apple pies they bought…(T^T)

The caramelization was crispy, and it was really delicious

It seems that store is so popular that a line forms…

When I think they lined-up expressly for buying some for ℃-ute…

In addition, Chisato bought everyone crepes…(つд`)

I’m surrounded by kind people…

Thank you very much…

While Chisato was answering her phone “Hello?”, I took a picture

Doesn’t she have a cute smile

I’ll continue to attach my favorite shots


Hagi-chan’s expression is my favorite

Puffy-cheeked Hagi-chan(〃∀〃) Aww

Now then, today is the last rehearsal before the dress rehearsal

So that 2013 gets off to a great start, I must concentrate, calm down, and do my best(・∀・´)

At any rate, isn’t is really cold…

I need a lot of resolve to leave the living room to go to the restroom…((+_+))

But, there are a lot of people living in colder places than me~…

Everyone, please be careful not to catch a cold, ok

There are a lot of people in Hello! Project,

so when we’ve had rehearsal for the Hello! Project concerts in the past, there was always someone who was sick,

but this year not even one person has the cold

As expected, one’s health is foremost

I hope everyone in Hello! Project can cross into the new year this healthy…

I’m off(‘v’)/~~


Until tomorrow~
Bye bye


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