Blog update: “A present from Santa”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 12/25 blog update, titled “A present from Santa“:

Pa~rdon the intrusion
It’s Maimi Santa(1)

I’ve come with a present from ℃-ute Santa(^^)っ


Here’s the present from ℃-ute Santa↓↓ヾ(^▽^)ノ

Our 6:00PM concert on December 30th in Fukuoka…
will be broadcast on ℃-ute’s YouTube channel

Ah~ I’m really happy

Not just the people who come to the venue, but those watching online can see our concert at the end of the year in real-time too…

Last year and the year before we had a live broadcast of ℃-ute’s year-end party on the 30th,

but it seems like it’s we can’t broadcast it this year…

But we thought “Isn’t there anything we can do” So I’m all the more happy

I think there’s a lot of people spending the end of the year at their homes,

so I’ll be happy if people like that can watch it too…

In addition, we’ll have our first performance of “Kono Machi”, our new song coming out February 6th, at Fukuoka

My heart’s pounding(*´д`*)

Everyone, please accept this Christmas present from ℃-ute

Ah Speaking of presents, everyone in ℃-ute will have a Christmas present exchange on the 30th

As for me… Whose do you think I will get

Let’s make a prediction together(lol)


Alright, for some reason I think I’ll get Airi’s

It’s really just my intuition… I wonder if it’s true~

What does everyone else think~

By the way, I have a feeling…

Chisato will get the present I prepared…

Well… What do you think

I’ll be sure to report on the present exchange in this blog

…That said… I’m as excited as a child(lol)

I’m no longer the age Santa-san comes and visits~

So I’m excited for ℃-ute’s present exchange

When I was little,
my desire to see Santa-san lost to my sleepiness at about this time,

and I was sound asleep

Surely, the eyes of the children who are dreaming right now will light up when they see the presents from Santa-san~

Children’s delighted faces
Those smiles will delight Santa-san

Today’s the day when the whole town will be filled with smiles

It’s wonderful

Well then, Maimi Santa will go home now( ´∀`)/~~

Have a wonderful Christmas, everyone…


Today ℃-ute recorded the music video for “Kono Machi”

We walked a lot

We’re excited and nervous to see what the finished video will be like too

And then, after the filming was completely finished, and we opened the door to say “Good work today~“…

The staff surprised us with a Christmas cake…°・(ノД`)・°・

I was moved~

I’m really greatful

The members of ℃-ute became really excited like

“Wah~ヽ(≧▽≦)/” and swarmed the cake

There was also chicken, salads, biscuits…

It was a Christmas atmosphere

To the staff who prepared a cake in order to make ℃-ute happy… Thank you so very much

Lastly, a picture of all that happiness


Merry Christmas

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