Blog update: “Christmas Eve”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 12/24 blog update, titled “Christmas Eve“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Today is Christmas Eve day…

I wonder what kind of Christmas Eve everyone will have…

As for me…


I will spend Christmas Eve with ℃-ute

We will record the music video for “Kono Machi”, our new song coming out on February 6th

Music videos are something that will last forever…

So filming a music video on Christmas Eve is wonderful

Ah That’s right

We had planned to have a Christmas present exchange with everyone in ℃-ute today…

There were girls who didn’t have time to buy a present,

so instead we will have it on the 30th, the day of ℃-ute’s concert in Fukuoka

There are a lot of things I’m excited for on the 30th…

First, I’m so happy that we can end 2012 with a concertヽ(≧▽≦)/

On top of that, it’s been a really long time since we’ve had a ℃-ute concert in Fukuoka

Spending the end of the year excited like this… I’m happy

Now then
We had the Osaka performances of our Christmas event “CutieLand 7″ yesterday

Among those who participated, there were a lot of people who said things like

“This is the last time we can meet this year

and “This is the last time we can talk directly at a handshake event this year…”

and “Thanks for everything this year

and “Let’s keep in touch next year too

Ah…… Those are my lines…(T^T)

When I think that 2012, a year in which I made a variety of memories, will be over in a week, I become a little lonely…

But, the reason that it seems like this year was full of happiness, is because all of team ℃-ute was there

Please continue to support us for the final week

Well then
Here are yesterday’s pictures…

Chocolate cake I won by lottery at the first performance( ̄v ̄)Yay

Everyone gobbled it up

It was rea~lly, really delicious…(*´д`*)

I can’t believe I ever disliked chocolate

The second performance

There was a game of Russian roulette where we each ate one of seven cream puffs, and if each member ate a normal cream puff,

or if one of the members ate the one cream puff filled with mustard, but endured it and acted like it was delicious,

we’d get a prize

Thanks to Airi admirally enduring the mustard creme puff with a delighted face,

we were given another Christmas cake

This cake also disappeared into our stomachs after the performance…

There were a lot of fruits on it, so this cake was delicious too…


Lastly, a picture of all of ℃-ute together, daccha

(↑During the second performance, I was chosen to have to say “daccha” at the end of everything

Our outfits this time had a Christmas present motif, daccha

Tehehe( ´艸`)

Perhaps, tonight( ̄ー ̄)

℃-ute Santa might deliver a present to everyone…… cha (lol)

I have to be careful not to fall and get my face covered in soot when I peek down the chimney…ε=┌( ・_・)┘

Well then, I’ll do my best so that it becomes a wonderful music video(・∀・´)

Everyone, have a wonderful Christmas Eve…


The “CutieLand 7″ setlist

1. Sakura Chirari (2012 Shinsei Naru Ver.)

《Corner 1》
Which should I ℃hoose

It’s a corner where we choose the box we like from amongst a lot of presents, and we get what’s inside
However, sometimes there is an order inside instead of a present, and we have to follow that order

《Corner 2》
Yokohama performances: One member has to do a comedic play or routine with Jou Jou Gundan-san(゜o゜)\(-_-)

Osaka performances: One members has to do a comedic play with Niranger-san(゜o゜)\(-_-)

2.★Akogare My STAR★

《”Surprise the members” project》 What’s the next song

It was a corner where one song was chosen from a selection of 10, which the staff kept secret from us

We didn’t know which song would be chosen, so I was nervous each time

3. Aitai Lonely Christmas
4. Maasara Blue Jeans (2012 Shinsei Naru Ver.)
5. Wakkyanai(Z) (2012 Shinsei Naru Ver.)

Everyone who cheered for us even though they unfortunately couldn’t participate…

Thank you very much too


I was typing my update for an hour and a half…

When I finished and went to uploaded it…

I deleted it

You’ve gotta be kidding me…


Yaji was frozen in shock for awhile…

Though I felt like my heart would break, I finished typing it again(T^T)

I casually saw my horoscope while watching TV…

Aquarius… had the lowest ranking…(´□`)

…I agree.

Even though it’s Christmas Eve~

It’s alright(・~・)
It’s alright

I won’t lose even though I have the lowest ranking( ̄^ ̄)

I’ll have a wonderful day today too

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