Blog update: “Made it on time~( ;・o・) =3”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 12/20 blog update, titled “Made it on time~( ;・o・) =3“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

Today’s weather is really nice…
It feels good~(*´∀`)

Today I finally finished all the drawing I was assigned~ヽ(´ー`)ノ

Heh I feel a sense of accomplishment

The drawings are the illustrations and comments that are put on goods

I already had drawings to do for February of next year, and the deadline is tomorrow(゜Д゜)Ⅲ

I was worried “Will I finish on time~O(><;)(;><)O”,

but thankfully I was able to

And also
Yesterday my solo DVD “Chelsie” went on sale

There were people who wrote “I watched it~” in the comments…

Thank you very much

It was my first time working with this particular stylist, and they made my hair and make-up unlike anything I’ve had before

As I looked at the mirror while getting my make-up applied, I thought “A person’s make-up and hairstyle can change their atmosphere like this~“, and became really interested in it(・o・)lol

When they were finished, I was a more mature Yajima Maimi than usual

Not just my make-up, but the outfits and the lighting…

In order to draw out a new Yajima Maimi, a lot of people discussed and decided a variety of things

I’m really grateful

Since a lot of people were working together like that to create this DVD,

I thought “I’ve gotta do my best too“, and was a little nervous each time we filmed

If those who’ve watched it think “I was able to see a new Yajima Maimi again”,

I’ll be happy…

Today we have rehearsal for

“CutieLand 7″,

this weekend’s Christmas event

We traditionally have this event every year, and this year is the 7th~

So far, we’ve appeared in a variety of outfits at this Christmas event, like

a reindeer,
a snowman,
a Christmas tree…

What kind of outfit do you think we’ll appear in this year…


Well then, I’ll do my best today while fired up


The bakery I just visited was selling Santa-san bread~

It was so cute that I wanted to buy it

But it was considerably big, so I stopped

Ah~ I wanted to show everyone too…(´・ω・`)

-Bonus pictures-

Off-shots from when we went to Yamagata to film for TV Tokyo’s
“Hello! SATOYAMA Life”


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