Blog update: “Hot(* ´∀`)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 12/18 blog update, titled “Hot(* ´∀`)“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

There were a lot of heart-warming and moving episodes from the concert venue in everyone’s comments

There was one earlier for me too
I witnessed a heart-warming scene…

It was raining on the day of my solo event…

Everyone put their umbrellas in vinyl covers and participated in the event

When I was seeing everyone off with handshakes after the event,

someone had dropped their umbrella’s vinyl cover…

The entire time I was concerned “Ah~ A bag was dropped over there~“(゜o゜;)

Then, someone who I had just finished shaking hands with noticed the bag like “Ah“, and picked it up quickly even though it wasn’t their trash

How wonderful~ I thought

That was something I saw by chance,

and I’m really happy that episodes like that are happening in places we don’t know about too

Everyone in team ℃-ute’s warmth probably comes from that thoughtfulness

We’re supported by all those wonderful people~

Thank you so very much

I want to continue to have wonderful and warm events and concerts overflowing with consideration and friendship with e~veryone


Now then
Changing the subject,
℃-ute’s play “Sakura no Hanataba”
has been decided for March

We had a photoshoot for the flier yesterday,

and they told us the general story and each of our roles

My role is like
“Oh Like that, huh“, and has a premise unlike any so far

The performance is still a ways off, but it’s my first play with everyone in ℃-ute in awhile
So I want a lot of people to see it

Afterwards, we had rehearsal for next year’s Hello! Project New Year’s concert

When we perform in front of everyone, it will already be 2013…

So that it’ll become a wonderful start to the year I will work hard with everyone in Hello! Project at rehearsal

A picture with Berryz Koubou’s Kumai Yurina-chan

And then
Tomorrow is finally the release date for my solo DVD “Chelsie”


Everyone, please be absolutely sure to check it out

I’ll go fired up today too

I’m o~ff

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