Blog update: “Concert in Osaka~\(^o^) /”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 12/16 blog update, titled “Concert in Osaka~\(^o^) /“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Morning has arrived in Osaka(つд`)

℃-ute has come to Osaka for our tour

Yesterday was really, really exciting

First, everyone shouting

“Oi!! Oi!!”

before the concert made me excited(☆▽☆ )

When I was standing backstage in standby, Nacky and I said “What amazing intensity(>_<)” and were moved

Once the concert started, time passed in the blink of an eye…

In the venue, there were papas holding their babies(*´∀`)

There were also female elementary school students…

I was really happy~

As always, all the girls’ voices were loud

And all the men’s intensity was amazing(T^T)

During the second performance,
I was also able to see some people who came from abroad

I want ℃-ute to become a group that is loved by people regardless of age-group and gender

So I’m really happy that the number of people like that who are coming is increasing

I could see each and every person’s smile clearly from stage

Seeing everyone enjoying themselves made me really happy…

“Ah You there, smile more Smile more~ Show me your smile~

I thought

And then, when those who looked serious also smiled,

I thought “Yes~ヽ(≧▽≦)/” and became really happy

In the tour this time, the song and the member who sings the solo song changes daily,

and last night it was my turn~

I was moved by the red glowsticks that lit up the venue

Thank you very much

When I think we’ll have another one of those fun concerts today, I can’t stop getting excited…

I’ll have a wonderful and hot time with everyone today too p(`・∀・)p

Thankfully, tickets for yesterday’s and today’s performances in Osaka were SOLD OUT, so I think there are people who wanted to come but couldn’t too,

but we’ll receive the power from all of them too

So I want to have a concert where our power reaches everyone

Ah That’s right

After the performances were over yesterday, everyone went out to eat

I laughed a lo~t yesterday~(≧∀≦)
I laughed so much that my stomach hurt and my eyes teared up~(>∀<。)

It's really fun eating with everyone

I’m tired from laughing, though (lol)

I’ll go fired up today too

Have a wonderful day everyone…


With ℃-ute~

Brown sugar soy flour milk pudding we were given as treats

It was so delicious that my cheeks felt like they were going to fall off~

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