Blog update: “Ramen( ・∀・)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 12/7 blog update, titled “Ramen( ・∀・)“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday something rea~lly shocking happened

My picture folder…

was deleted……(>_<。)

It was so shocking~

There were a lot of pictures where I thought

“I can’t show this outfit yet, but I’ll attach them to the blog when I’m allowed“,

and a lot of pictures of my memories(/_・、)

Recently, I was running out of storage space for pictures,

so I thought “I’ll delete the pictures I don’t want“,

but it seems I deleted them all…

When I opened the folder,

it gave me the message “There are no pictures.”,

and I was mortified…(゜Д゜Ⅲ)

It took me a while to get over it

But, it can’t be helped

“Things that can’t be helped by saying so are things that can’t be helped by saying so.”

(This is one of the lines of my character “Natsumi” from my first play “Neruko wa ℃-ute”)


Yeah I’ll be careful from now on…

Now then, I’ll get myself together, and continue writing about what I wrote about in yesterday’s blog…

The place where we (Morning Musume’s Michishige Sayumi-san Berryz Koubou’s Shimizu Saki-chan Nacky Myself) went while wearing school uniforms was

the “Cup Noodle Museum” in Yokohama

(2)←My manager took this picture and gave it to me(〃▽〃)

It was fun

You can make one-of-a-kind Cup Noodles and chicken ramen

I love experiences like this

I just ate the chicken ramen I made yesterday

It was delicious~

In addition, we learned a variety of things

Things like, “Who invented Cup Noodles“,

and “What spurred their invention“,

and “What were the problems they faced

…At any rate, I was able to learn a lot

I feel like I know more about Cup Noodles than anyonelol

Since we went there wearing school uniforms despite no one being a student,

and since the theme was
“Going on a social studies field trip,

I properly learned

Please check it out in

“Hello! Channel vol.11”,

which goes on sale December 26th

And then, last night, my mom sent me this picture while she was in the city


It’s so beautiful~( ´∀`)

This is the “Lumie Forest” at Caretta Shidome

Shioda Taizo-san, the writer and director of the play “Sugar Spot” who I was working with on the play until it ended a few days ago,

is the planner and director for this

Last year, I went and saw it with Saki~

It was so beautiful, it felt a fantasy world…

Holiday lights are really wonderful…
I get a magical feeling just from looking at them…

This year they use something called 3D projection mapping which makes it even more amazing than last year, so I definitely want to see it

Ah That’s right
Today is Friday

I’ll update the special “Sugar Spot” blog later

If it’s alright, please check that out too

Well then, let’s do our best in the afternoon

Until tomorrow~

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  1. OK. I won’t laugh her scatterbrain this time and pay respect for the deleted picture.

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