Maimi Sightings for November 23rd

Fellow ℃-ute member Hagiwara Mai went to go see Maimi’s play “Sugar Spot” today and wrote about it in her update on the official ℃-ute blog. Mai wrote that Maimi’s acting was the best, and that she thought Maimi, who was able to play a role completely different than herself, was amazing.

Fellow ℃-ute member Suzuki Airi also went to see “Sugar Spot”, and shared a 3-shot with the stars Maimi and Tokunaga Chinami in her update.

Berryz Koubou’s Kumai Yurina went and saw “Sugar Spot” along with Mai, and shared a group shot of her, Mai, Maimi, and Chinami in an update on her official blog.

Last but not least, “Sugar Spot” writer/director Shioda Taizo updated his official blog with a post focused on Maimi. Mr. Shioda wrote about how he respected Maimi’s composure in spite of having to juggle play and concert practice at the same time. In addition, he also talked about several struggles he came across coming up with Maimi’s role. As Maimi is a wonderful person, she needs a wonderful role, and also one that taps into her unlimited acting potential. Other things he considered were her special relationship with Chinami, and a writer’s duty to create a flawed character for someone flawless like Maimi.

Check out blog!project for full translations of the other ℃-ute and Hello! Project members’ blog updates.

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