Blog update: “Cold times are…( ̄∀ ̄)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 10/30 blog update, titled “Cold times are…( ̄∀ ̄)“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday I had a filming with Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan


Because of Chinami’s sunny girl power, the weather was nice yesterday

It’s refreshing, isn’t it~


After the filming, I went to a restaurant with Chinami and my manager…

There were a lot of autumn sweets


It’s become cold recently, so I’ve started to dislike getting out of bed and the



Yesterday I took a long bath that was hotter than usual

I did my best to soak in the water until I thought “Ooh, it’s too hot~“,

so I got out of the bath once I was warmed to my body’s core,

and I stayed warm after getting out

…And then, I got into bed before my body could become cold

Since I was warm, I fell asleep so quickly that I don’t know when it


My pajamas are also fluffy, I’m even wearing socks to bed, and I’m using my warm winter

blankets, so I’m able to get up properly in the morning

I can get out of bed easily

However… It’s going to get colder from now on…… so what should I do in the


Aaaaa((((゜д゜;)))) No way No way

I’m no good with the cold(´・ω・`)

……Though I’m no good with the heat eitherσ(^_^;)

But, after I had left this morning, I realized I had left my cellphone at the house and

dashed back

…So, I was running out of time

When I thought “I’m going to miss the train I want to ride“,

I again dashed towards the station…

Thanks to that……

I was the only person with my sleeves rolled up in this cold…(°∇°;)

I gradually started sweating(~▽~@;)

It felt a little like I hadn’t run in awhile


I became worried

“If I ran a marathon now, would I be able to finish it“(><;)

I want to do it again

The Hello! Project sports festival…

The number of young people have increased…

But I still won’t loseヾ(`・∀・´)ノ

Well then, I’ll go cheerfully today


Today is
Morning Musume’s Fukumura Mizuki-chan’s
and S/mileage’s Tamura Meimi-chan’s birthdays

Happy birthday, both of you

I’m always surprised by Fuku-chan’s sexiness

I think she’ll become even more and more sexy after turning


And then, on the contrary, Meimei is always energetic

Her behavior is always funny, and I unconsciously start smiling when I look at


Though they’re completely different types, they’re both really charming

From here on too, best regards
Have a wonderful year

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