Blog update: “Handshake(^-^) 人(^-^) Thank you♪”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 10/29 blog update, titled “Handshake(^-^) 人(^-^) Thank you♪“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

we had an “Aitai Aitai Aitai na” release commemoration individual handshake event

It was really fun

It felt like the whole day passed quickly

There were countless people who I met for the first time,

and people who said things like “I casually saw ‘CAT’SEYE’ and became a fan“,


“I learned about you on YouTube and became a fan“,


“I only just became a fan recently“,

and when I thought about how there are people in places we’re unaware of becoming interested in us like this… I was really happy(T^T)

There were also people who said

“On the contrary, this is my first time coming to meet you since ℃-ute’s indies period

I think each person has their reasons, but the fact that those who we parted with once before didn’t forget about ℃-ute as the years passed and came to meet us again made me really happy

In addition,
there were people who came from really far away…

They spent time specifically coming to meet us…

I want us to be able to go around the whole country someday and meet those who we can’t usually meet

℃-ute has to our best

There were so many kind words, thoughtful words, and fun conversations that I can’t write about all of them here,

and I really received a lo~t of power

I think there’s also people who unfortunately couldn’t participate,

but I’m grateful to everyone who always supports us from the bottom of my heart

I received a lot of power,

and I’ll go do my best today fired up

I’m o~ff


Today is
and Ogawa Makoto-san’s birthday

If Tsunku♂-san didn’t say

“Everyone passes

10 years earlier at the Hello! Project Kids audition, I wouldn’t be who I am now, and I wouldn’t have gotten to meet everyone who supports us

I’m really grateful to Tsunku♂-san

Thank you so much for accepting me into Hello! Project

Please continue to treat me kindly

And then,

I haven’t gotten the opportunity to meet Ogawa-san recently, so I miss her…

Ogawa-san is always kind and funny

But when she’s on stage, her dancing is so beautiful and cool that I unconsciously start staring at her…

She’s one of my seniors with a lot of wonderful charm

I hope that someday we have the opportunity to work together again~

Tsunku♂-san, Ogawa-san, again, happy birthday

Please have a wonderful year

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