Blog update: “AH!! Look ou~~t!!ヽ(゜ロ゜;)ノ “

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 10/23 blog update, titled “AHLook ou~~tヽ(゜ロ゜;)ノ“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

I had a photoshoot with Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan yesterday


I’ll be able to announce the details soon, so please stay tuned

I will appear with Chinami in the play

“Sugar Spot”,
which starts November 21st

Yesterday, we had the introductions

We also did something like a workshop, and I became really motivated

First, we played a game to remember all of the cast members’ names perfectly


we did the exercises “Make your companion say the word you want them to say during an improvisational play
and “Guess the word your partner wanted you to say“,

an exercise where we had to liven up the conversation in an improvisational play with a theme we were given,

an exercise where two people acted as one and made up a story, etc…

It was practice to build our teamwork

In addition, we did an exercise where we acted any one scene we could remember, and shouted as loud as we could

By the way, the thing that came to mind for me

was a scene where I threw a wild pitch during a game of catch

“AH Look ou~~~t

I yelled with all my power

For other people,

someone did scene where they got angry at something and shouted

“Go away“,

and someone else recalled a crowded bus where they yelled “I’m getting off I’m getting o~ff“…

There was also someone who got a letter of acceptance,
and showed their joy by shouting “Yes I passed(←That was Chinami)

It was also interesting how the scenes everyone remembered were completely different

Or should I say, seeing everyone’s improvisational acting like this…

I’m lucky to have them as my costars…

It was a valuable experience…… Ah~ I really learned from it

It was fun

And then, the story for “Sugar Spot”,

it’s funny… but also a story of painful love

The relationship of Chinami and my roles is also……

In addition, I will try doing “that” for only the second time in my life

Though I say it’s my second time doing “that”, the last time I did it, the very top and the very bottom were completely different(←It’s a casual hint for those who know the last time I did it…)

But I’m fired up Yajima I will absolutely master it(・∀・´)

Today’s blog… I’m sorry it’s only things I can’t talk about in detail

When the time comes that I can properly announce everything, I’ll do so

Alright Changing the subject
All day today,
I filmed for Yajima Maimi’s solo DVD

Does it always rain when I’m working by myself…

Yeah It’s Yajima Weather
It was in perfect form today too

The DVD this time will show you a new side of me

The first time I saw myself… I was surprised

My hair was swept back,
and there are a lot of things I wore for the first time

I think it’ll be completely unlike any of my solo DVDs so far

I can show only one of today’s pictures


I’ll announce when the release date is decided, so please be sure to check it out

Well then, good work today

Please have sweet dreams

Good night

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  1. By the way, the paper Maimi is holding says “Tiger Joe”, and the paper Chinami is holding says “Tiger Woods”.

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