Blog update: “Thieves’ side closing day( つд`)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 10/14 blog update, titled “Thieves’ sideClosing day( つд`)“:

This blog is from today at around 11:00AM. It was updated late in order to approve the pictures for publication, so we apologize.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

we had a public dress rehearsal
for the ~Victims’ side story~


Since we changed theaters,
we went and watched from the audience during the scenes in which we didn’t appear,

so we could see what it looked like from there

Being able to watch a play we ourselves appear in from the audience…

I haven’t done that since winter 2009’s
“Romantic ni Yoroshiku” probably…

I don’t usually get an opportunity like this,

so it felt really fresh

And then,
we had the performances of ~Thieves’ side story~ afterwards

We had an after talk show after the first performance in Osaka,
and greeted five people backstage who were chosen by lottery

By the way,
there’s another after talk show after today’s first performance

And then, the closing day finally arrived

Without really feeling like it was the closing day, I was able to relax

However, I became flustered during the final curtain call…m(__)m

After all of the ~Thieves’ side story~ performances had finished,

I was overcome with the feeling of “Ah… It’s already over, huh…”

I always run into difficulties during plays,

and there were a lot of complications with the role of “Hitomi”…

When I watched the video recorded at the training hall,

the way I looked and sounded was different than what I felt when I was performing…

The more I thought “What should I do……“,
the less I understood

while listening to various people’s views, I tried out various approaches…

I feel like the time spent face-to-face with Hitomi like that was really valuable

I hope my worries and the times I was uncertain will contribute to my personal growth…

…Today is the last time I’m standing on stage as Hitomi

I’ll have fun playing Kisugi Hitomi without regrets
in ~Victims’ side story~

I’m o~ff

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