Blog update: “Maasaヽ( ´ー`)ノ”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 10/13 blog update, titled “Maasaヽ( ´ー`)ノ“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Osaka’s morning
It’s cool, so it feels good

we had a public dress rehearsal for the play “CAT’SEYE”,

were we rehearsed while the audience watched

Everyone who stopped by
Everyone who cheered for us
Thank you very much

Since it’s been two weeks since the Tokyo performances, I was really, really nervous

There were also some incidents

In any event,
today is the closing day of
“CAT’SEYE ~Thieves’ side story~”

I will play the role of Hitomi with no regrets

In addition,
there’s also a public dress rehearsal for the ~Victims’ side story~ today

It’s our first time doing both patterns in the same day

I’ll concentrate and do my best(`・∀・´*)


Here’s a story from this morning…

I brought a trunk with me to Osaka,

and today I decided to leave my trunk in the hotel room,

and pack everything I needed into a bag


I couldn’t fit everything into the bag…(-“-;)

It’ll be alright if I had a paper bag,

but I didn’t bring anything like that…

Having said that,
going up the stairs with a trunk would’ve been a big problem…(´□`)

After hesitating,
I left my room carrying the things that wouldn’t fit in my bag in my hands

And then

Maasa saw me like that and said

“Maimi-chan~ Do you want to put those things you’re carrying in Maa’s bag

Maasa is really kind~

I replied

“Really~ Alright, please take this and this m(__)m”

and took her up on her offer(/-\*)



We became excited because we both wore jerseys in our member color by chance

Well then,
I’ll do my best at

~Victims’ side story~
public dress rehersal

and ~Thieves’ side story~
closing day


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