Blog update: “Kindness(T^T)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 9/29 blog update, titled “Kindness(T^T)“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday was the DVD filming of the ~Thieves’ side story~ of the play “CAT’SEYE”

There was an after talk show yesterday too,

and everyone talked about their favorite scenes,
and which roles besides their’s they’d like to try playing

Continuing from yesterday, we greeted the winners backstage…

It was really fun

Thank you very much to everyone who came even though it was a weekend,

and everyone who sent us power

And then, finally today

It’s the last day of performances in Tokyo for the ~Victims’ side story~

Time has flown by too quickly…

There are three performances today,

and I have an announcement for everyone here


Today’s third performance,

the one at 5:30PM

and tomorrow’s ~Thieves’ side story~
performance at 3:00PM~

will be broadcast live on USTREAM

I think there are a lot of people who can’t come because they live far away or because of other circumstances,

so please be absolutely sure to check out the live broadcast

Well then, here’s some pictures from the dressing room~


The goods this time
“CAT’SEYE” t-shirt

Our costumer was wearing this t-shirt,

but her t-shirt had a kitty ribbon attached to it

When I saw that I said
“Ah That’s cute(*^.^*)”,

and she said “Do you want me to attach one to your’s“…ヾ(^▽^)ノ

“Eh Is it alright Yay(^O^)

“Alright, since you’re Hitomi… I’ll make it blue
(Because Hitomi’s color is blue)

…I’m really happy~(〃▽〃)


(2) It’s like this

Thank you very much

And then, something nice happened this morning

I arrived at the station where we were to meet, but I didn’t know the exit to get to the meeting place,

and I thought “Where is this~(+_+)”

while wandering around, and I arrived at the wrong exit…



I won’t be able to leave, but I’ll explain it to a staff member,

and I’ll enter the ticket gate again and find the meeting exit while properly looking at the information board

I thought and passed through the gate again

An old man who worked there called out to me,

“Do you know where you’re going

Surely he noticed me wandering around,

and was worried “Is this girl okay“, I think

He was smiling kindly,

and when I said “Ah I want to go to the 〇〇 exit…(^^;;

he responded “The 〇〇 exit is on the opposite side Go left on this road, and take another left at the traffic light and you’ll arrive

If you go in through this gate, you won’t be able to reach the exit, so I’ll cancel it

…He was a god

What a kind person~

I was grateful to that attendant, and I was able to reach the meeting place without any trouble

Thank you so very much, attendant

I felt the kindness of people this morning,
so it seems like it’ll become a wonderful day

I’ll do my best today

Have a wonderful day everyone…

I’m o~ff


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