Blog update: “Yellow, yellow, yellow…Σ( 〇ロ〇;)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 9/26 blog update, titled “Yellow, yellow, yellow…Σ( 〇ロ〇;)“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Four days have passed in the blink of an eye since the beginning of the play “CAT’SEYE”

It’s fast

Yesterday was performances of the B-pattern,
~Victims’ side story~

Everyone who came after work and school was over and everyone who supported us, thank you

Today’s picture is

with Hagi-chan


In the play, she plays “Kisugi Ai”,

the younger sister of my character “Kisugi Hitomi”

She’s really cute like a younger sister

Ah That’s right

In the assortment of confections we received as treats,

there were the gummi bears called “HARIBO”

Inside the larger bag,
there were countless smaller bags of gummi bears,

and I properly plucked one out from there

“Now then Let’s eat” I thought, and when I opened the bag……

Yellow again
Yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow, yellow…

There’s so many yellow~~~~\(°∇°;)

Instinctively, I wanted to make a quip

In the end, seven out of the nine gummi bears were yellow

Was that yesterday’s lucky color

Oh well
I love lemon flavor
So it’s alright

By the way, the remaining two were both orange (lol)


And then, today is performances of the ~Thieves’ side story~ of the play

I’ll go fired up today too

Well then, lastly, the picture of my house’s heart burglar, which I couldn’t upload yesterday

Cologne-chan’s sleeping face…


Let’s do our best today

The live video for “Aitai Aitai Aitai na”‘s coupling song,
“Kanashiki Heaven”,

has been uploaded to the ℃-ute channel on YouTube,
so please be sure to check it out everyone

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