Blog update: “Yesterday( ´∀`)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 9/24 blog update, titled “Yesterday( ´∀`)“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

The opening day for the
~Victims’ side story~
of the play “CAT’SEYE”

arrived yesterday without any problems

There was also a press conference yesterday,

and what
Anri-san, who sang the theme song for the anime version of “CAT’S EYE”, stopped by

Anri-san watched the play’s general probe (←The full rehearsal before the performances start),

she gave us a lot of her impressions

“Though it was made 30 years ago, ‘CAT’S EYE’ has always beenloved. So that it continues to be loved, I hope you girls will connect it to the next generation…”

She told us

I became even more fired up(`・∀・´)

So that it becomes a play that will remain in the hearts of those who are familiar with the original work and those who are from a different generation,

everyone will do their best today too

I’m really glad she came even though she was busy

Thank you very much

Well then, here are yesterday’s pictures…★

The theater troupe “Otona no Mugicha”‘s hand towel

It was given to me by the writer and director of the ~Victims’ side~ version, Shioda Taizo-san

And then, on top of that hand towel is a kitty cat crest

This was made by our co-star,
Nakagami Kazuyasu(゜o゜)

It seems he made it with the theme of “CAT’SEYE”…

It’s too amazing

I wonder if he made it using something like clay…

I haven’t had the chance to touch clay since I was an elementary school student though

I’m so bad at making things with clay that it’s shocking…

Therefore, I respect someone who can make something like this

Thank you for the cute crest


With Berryz Koubou’s Sudou Maasa-chan

Maasa’s role is “Kisugi Rui”,

who is my role “Kisugi Hitomi”‘s older sister

Though Maasa is younger than me in reality, she really has a sense of security like an older sister

Yesterday, I couldn’t get my boots on, and while I was trying I became the only person in the dressing room

“Dang it I’m the last” I thought, and when I went to leave the dressing room,

Maasa had the door open and was waiting for me…

“Eh…(つд`) Maasa… You were waiting for me

“Yeah It’s alright” she said…


Yaji was really happy

Last is a picture with Berryz Koubou’s Kumai Yurina-chan

Speaking of Kumai-chan, she’s an “airhead”

I’ll reveal a little bit

Yesterday, when everyone was changing after the performances…

“Ah I put it on backwards(〃~〃)” she said…

I immediately looked over, and started laughing without thinking(lol)

Kumai-chan wears a black tank top under a red shirt as part of her costume,

and the tag that should’ve been on her back was under her face…(lol)

As expected of Kumai-chan…

She calmed me down yesterday

Well then

Today I have a recording for our self-cover album, which will be released in November,

and performances of “CAT’SEYE”
~Thieves’ side~

I’ll go fired up today too

I’m o~ff


Right now, I’m sitting on the sofa typing this blog, my pet dog Cologne is sleeping tightly next to me(*´д`*) Aww

They’re cute today too My household’s dogs

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