Blog update: “Curtains raised!!! ヽ(´ー`) ノ”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 9/23 update on the “CAT’S EYE” A-version blog, titled “Curtains raised!!! ヽ(´ー`) ノ“:

It’s Yajima Maimi★

~Thieves’ side story~ and
~Victims’ side story~

Both opening days finished without any problems(*´д`*)

I was nervous and fidgety before the performance,

but I’m relieved we were able to start the plays without incident like this(´ー`)=3

We’re doing 2 plays at the same time!!
I haven’t done anything like this until now,
so I’m more nervous than ever!!(゜-゜;)

Though, this nervous feeling is probably tied together to ability to concentrate☆

Each day feels like it’s over quickly(*~▽~)

Today was the “victims’ side” performances, and when it’s not my turn to appear, I get drawn into everyone’s acting!!

In the practice hall too, it was always heartrending to watch…(/_・、)

And then, tomorrow is

~Thieve’s side story~,

and when I think about tomorrow, my heart starts pounding again,

but so that it’s even better than opening day, everyone will combine their power and we’ll do our best p(・∀・)q


I’m also looking forward to collaborating with everyone in the audience (lol)

It’s a weekday…(^^;;

But I’m waiting for a lot of attendees!!

Well then, I’ll do my best tomorrow too(^-^)

Good night…☆ミ

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