Blog update: “Fore fore…(‘ ε’*)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 9/19 blog update, titled “Fore fore…(‘ ε’*)“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

(A unit consisting of Natsuyaki Miyabi and Tokunaga Chinami from Berryz Koubou,
myself and Nakajima Saki from ℃-ute,
and Iikubo Haruna from Morning Musume)

had a filming for the “Fore Fore” music video all day

The music video matches up with the story from the song’s lyrics,

so we filmed in the city (1),
and a liberatingly huge park(2)

It rained on and off yesterday…

It was a showdown between myself, the rain girl, and the two sunny girls from Berryz Koubou (lol)

There were scenes were we were told
“We’ll be on standby until the rain stops“,

and once it stopped, the weather was so nice I started to sweat…

At any rate, I’m glad we were able to finish the filming without any trouble~

It’s the first time the five of us have had a music video filming together,

and when it wasn’t our turn, we played on the playground equipment in the park…

The filming progressed harmoniously and was fun


Ah That’s right
There was a small boy we saw at the park’s playground equipment,

and he had stopped in front of the playground equipment’s swaying bridge,

and said
“It’s sca~ry(>_<)"

Below the playground equipment,
his mother and father were watching over him and said “It’s okay, it’s not scary

Then, a girl who was around 5-years-old came from behind him,
grabbed ahold of his hand tightly, and slowly crossed the bridge with him

After he had crossed it,
that boy yelled “I did it~” while smiling

His mother and father said
“Amazing You overcame it~“…

Seeing that warmed my heart

…And I remember hating the playground equipment when I was that same age

The athletic club I often went to when I was small had similar playground equipment,

and though I was able to proceed smoothly through the equipment until I reached the bridge, I was never able to take even one step onto it…

My dad would cross with me at that time,

but we advanced so slowly that it felt like the sun was going to set before we got across

My brothers would also purposely run across the bridge and cause it to shake,

so I’d often yell “Stop it” and start crying(lol)

It’s nostalgic…

I wonder what the finished music video will be like

Everyone, please be sure to check it out

Well then,
I have an announcement for today

At 1:20AM~
℃-ute will appear on HTB’s “Enpuro”

Everyone, please be sure to check that out also

Well then, let’s have a wonderful afternoon too

Until tomorrow’s update~

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