Blog update: “Announcement”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s second 9/7 blog update, titled “Announcement“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

Not long ago the release commemoration event for our new single “Aitai Aitai Aitai na” at Canal City Hakata finished

There’s a ton I want to write about, so I’ll do it in tomorrow’s blog

Now, here I have some announcements for everyone

On September 10th,
Chisato and I will appear on NHK・ETV’s “Dai! Tensai-terebikun Fudakeri ~Waruzu no Gyakushuu”

Our time will be from 6:20PM to 6:54PM

We’ll appear with Yoshizawa Hitomi-san and Korenaga Miki-san,

and speaking of “Tensai-terebikun”,
I loved the program when I was an elementary school student and watched it every day

It feels really strange that we’ll be appearing on this program

We also have the ℃-ute Day event on September 10th, but those who have time, please be sure to watch it

In addition
Today at 1:28AM,
℃-ute will appear on Nippon TV’s “Happy Music”

We’ll showcase our new single and have fun talk with Becky-san
We’ll also introduce our “hapimono” (something that makes us happy),

so please be sure to check it out, everyone

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  1. Hmmm wow Maimi made 2 blog entries on 7 September huh??

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