Blog update: “Shounen Sunday( 〃▽〃)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/29 blog update, titled “Shounen Sunday( 〃▽〃)“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Today is the release day of “Shounen Sunday”,

in which Airi and myself appear on the front cover and in the opening segment


The photoshoot was in Okinawa

Several years earlier, Airi and I had the conversation

“Let’s take a trip there someday“,

but we’ve come all this way without being able to make that wish come true

But when we went to Okinawa this time,

even though it was for a photoshoot,

we went to the beach together,
we ate delicious things, we decorated a lamp with coral and shells (2)…,

It was like our wish was granted, and it was really, really fun

We kept laughing the e~ntire time (lol)

I think a lot of that fun atmosphere is packed into our feature,

so those who are saying “I haven’t seen it yet“,
please be sure to check it out


I want to have a ℃-ute concert there~… Okinawa

Changing the subject, I made a mistake like this the other day…

When I was at home by myself, I went into the kitchen and saw something that looked like a souvenir…

“What could it be What could it be(・∀・)

…When I opened the box, there were chocolate pastries inside…

…And, the next day
During breakfast

Mom “Oh my (lol) Mai, did you open the souvenir that ○○ (←my brother’s name) bought

“Eh…Σ( ̄□ ̄)! Who was it for

Mom “It’s for his coworkers Right(^-^;”

Brother “Ah… But it’s no big deal

“You’re kidding(゜Д゜;) I’m sorry~(x_x;) Ah The souvenirs I got in Ishikawa Take what’s left of thatO(><)O"

(My brother went travelling at the same time that I went to Ishikawa for a photoshoot)

Mom “I guess you have no choice but to take the souvenirs she got in Ishikawa, huh(lol)ヽ(^^)”

Brother “(lol) It’s alright

In the end, my brother declined to take them, and left empty-handed…

Just as my brother was leaving the house,

my mom asked “You’re really alright with not taking the souvenirs Maimi got in Ishikawa~” (lol)

Brother “(^^; I’m alright

…While my mom and brother were having that exchange, I was in a trance looking for my missing belt

“It’s not here~(-ε-;)” ←I was making a face like that…

Mom “Look Mai’s angry that you’re not taking her souvenirs(lol)”

“Th, that’s not itΣ(゜□゜;) I’m looking for my belt~O(><)O"

I had that kind of flustering morning(´□`)

But, if something like this happened when I was in elementary school, we would've immediately fought~

I’m grateful to my brother for forgiving me I’m grateful(*’-‘)

I mustn’t recklessly open things I’m not familiar with…(゜-゜;)

I’ll reflect on my ways!!

Well then, today I’ll head out cheerfully

Have a wonderful day, everyone…

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