Blog update: “♪Yajima Maimi♪”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s third update on the “CAT’S♥EYE” A-version blog, titled “♪Yajima Maimi♪“:

Good evening★
It’s Yajima Maimi!!

I’m sorry that I’m updating today, despite being in-charge of yesterday’s update(>_<)

Today I had practice for the first time in awhile(・∀・)

We focused on Hitomi and Toshio's scenes together,

and their relationship in the original work is really important,

so while listening to the director Suzuki Sanae-san's advice, we repeated the scene countless times.

Whenever I got it right, I could understand what I did better by a little,

and there are a lot of parts I want to improve more and more,

so yeah!! I've gotta do my best…(^^)/

And then,
the practice for the "stolen from side" always begins at night,

and I took a picture with Nacky (Nakajima Saki-chan), who arrived at the practice venue an hour early, so I'll uploa~d it!!(・∀・)

By the way, we're doing full movement in the practice for "stolen from side" too!!(^-^)v

The "stealing side",
and the "stolen from side",

I want to look closer and closer into their stories before the performance starts, and work to create a wonderful play with everyone!!(o^-’)b

There's only 25 days until the performance…!!

I'll combine my power with everyone and do my best\(^o^)/

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