Blog update: “℃-ute special site”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/28 blog update, titled “℃-ute special site“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

I think there are people who are already aware,

but a special ℃-ute site was launched V(^O^)

I saw a little bit of it with the other ℃-ute members yesterday,

and it has the commercial for the new single coming out on September 5th,

“Aitai Aitai Aitai na”,
that will air on TV from now

There’s also a chronology of ℃-ute’s history

On the chronology, there’s also pictures and video clips from those times,

and it made all of the members excited yesterday

Everyone is so young…
It was nostalgic

While watching the videos, various memories like
“Ah~, back then, I was warned a lot about this part, so I was really, really nervous at the performance…

came back to me

I’ll be happy if those who’ve known about ℃-ute for a long time think “How nostalgic~” and remember back to that time,

and if those who only discovered ℃-ute recently can learn more and more about us

Everyone, please check it out

we learned the choreography for the coupling tracks of “Aitai Aitai Aitai na”,

“Saikou Music”
and “Kanashiki Heaven”

Anyhow, the choreography for “Saikou Music” is fun

I think it’s easy to remember, so when we perform it at an event or concert, I hope everyone will be sure to memorize it

And then, the tempo of “Kanashiki Heaven” is faster, so I was frantically trying to keep up…(゜o゜;)

The instant I mad a mistake, I was unable to grasp the timing to jump back in, so I stood still for awhile……(°∇°;)

There are a lot of parts like that,

so I really concentrated and did my best

I have to do my best so that my body can memorize it, and so that I can be cool and sexy by the time we perform it…

Today I will practice for the play “CAT’SEYE” for the first time in awhile

I’ll do my best fired-up today

Please have a wonderful day everyone

Today’s pictures are of ℃-ute all together…

A picture from the summer Hello! Project concerts

An off-shot from the magazine “JUNON”, which is currently on sale


a 2-shot from the photoshoot for “Shonen Sunday”,

which goes on sale tomorrow,
and features Airi and myself on the cover and in the opening segment…


I had shekwasha-flavored shaved ice for the first time, and it was really delicious

Please be sure to check this out too

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  1. Don’t forget to tell everyone the URL, Maimi-chan!

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