Blog update: “Buono! liveヾ(^ ▽^)ノ”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/27 blog update, titled “Buono! liveヾ(^ ▽^)ノ“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

It’s hot~
Everyone, are you alright
You’re not losing to the heat, are you

Last night,
I went to see Buono!’s live

It’s the 5th year of the yearly summer Buono! lives

In addition, it was a really special live taking place after Buono! member Natsuyaki Miyabi-chan’s 20th birthday

I think there are people who have heard about it from Airi, but they designed the outfits themselves, and everyone’s designs were completely different,

and I thought “This is what they each thought of, huh~“… I was impressed

I wanted to see everyone’s outfits closer,
so after the performance they let me see them

With ideas like “This kind of thing often comes to mind~” they were able to make the outfits

In the live itself,
there were exciting songs, songs I got drawn into…

It was really fun

There’s parts where Buono! does choreographed dance,
but there’s also a lot of times where they express themselves freely,

and I always think “Their way of charming people is really skilled~

The three of them all have individuality…

They’re all charming

When I watched Buono!’s live,

I wanted to have ℃-ute’s end-of-year tour soon

It looks like the next Buono! live is in Osaka, so everyone who is participating, please enjoy it

Everyone in Buono!, give it your all until the end

Well then, here are 2-shots with the Buono! members taken after the performance~


This was after Tsugunaga Momoko-chan already took off her make-up,
so it’s just her pinky~


Miya, who turned 20~
She said “Eat up too, Maimi~” and shared the cakes and treats she was given Thanks

On the taxi ride home, the two of us were talking the entire time The trivia she was telling me about cockroaches… It gave me chills~(>_<。)

Well~ I won’t lose to the heat today either

Until tomorrow’s update~

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