Blog update: “Nature is the best( ≧∀≦)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/26 blog update, titled “Nature is the best( ≧∀≦)“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

These past 3 days, I went to Ishikawa prefecture for the first time for a photoshoot

Ishikawa prefecture… It’s a wonderful place

Its old-fashioned townscape and abundance of nature are too charming…

I was really, really at ease

When I was in the tatami room,

I relaxed like

and the food was also really delicious

Yesterday’s shoot ended earlier than planned,

so I was able to leisurely shop for souvenirs while strolling aimlessly around the old townscape


I really love places like this…

It seems they’re well-known for gold leaf,
so I bought some gold leaf facial cream~

Yeah… It was 3 days which soothed my heart and body

When I returned home, my pet dogs welcomed me back

Cologne waited by herself in the hallway until I got out of the bath,

and when I said “Alright Let’s sleep” and got into bed,

Cologne hopped up into my bed too(〃▽〃)

…And, we slept with our bodies close together

Ah~ How cute…(〃ー〃)

But when I woke up this morning,
she wasn’t there…(´□`)

Like always, she slept in my mom and dad’s room…

In the end, that’s where she feels comfortable(lol)

Well, well… it can’t helped…(´・ω・`)

Today I’ve come to another tranquil place for the filming of the “Geki Saka” segment in the Hikari TV program “Yu! Style ~Hajimeyou!! Jitensha Life~”


Nature is the best, as expected~

Just now, I was able to see everyone from Morning Musume OG and Morning Musume appear on “24 Jikan TV” on the TV in the bus

I’ll do my best and ride a bicycle uphill

I’m o~ff

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  1. When Maimi wrote “Cologne waited by herself in the hallway until I got out of the bath” in this entry, she actually used the counter for people (“hitori”) before correcting herself with the counter for small animals (“ippiki”). Unfortunately, I couldn’t think of a way to translate that part without getting the rest of the sentence too far away from the original Japanese text.

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