Blog update: “Finally!!o(^o^)o”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/23 blog update, titled “Finallyo(^o^)o“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday too, we had practice for the play starting on September 22nd,


Wha, wha, what
We finally went through the entire play from beginning to end yesterday

We’re not doing the action scenes yet,

but we went through all the movements besides those,

and though I was worried “Will I remember my lines…?“, I tried doing it without my script as much as possible

Though there were places I became stuck,
and times when I thought “Huh… What was it…” and checked my script,

during the full rehearsal yesterday I clearly understood what lines I haven’t remembered yet,

and I was able to precisely grasp the connection between scenes and the flow of the entire play

Though it’s still not perfect,
I was surprised we were able to do a full rehearsal a month before the performances

After this, I first want to focus on the lines that I couldn’t remember clearly,

then perfect the other parts,

and then properly sort out the feelings of the character I play, “Hitomi”

I think we’ll also gradually start practicing the action scenes…

I’ve gotta do my best

It feels like each day the text printed on the script starts to take form little by little…

It’s moving(T^T)

There were also scenes I couldn’t visualize just by reading the script,

but when we started rehearsals,
I thought “Ah That’s the kind of situation this is, huh…“, and could understand those parts

Though it’s still incomplete,
for the month remaining before the performances,
everyone will combine their power and do their best so that everyone who sees the play will think “This is something that’ll stay in my heart…

Those have the time, please be absolutely sure to come and see it

Well then I hope today becomes another wonderful day…

Today’s picture were taken after the final performance of the Hello! Project concerts

“Search for Yaji

℃-ute assembled

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