Blog update: “Umizaru( つд`)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/22 blog update, titled “Umizaru( つд`)“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

The performances of the play “CAT’SEYE” are already only one month away

one month from now my heart will be pounding while I say

“It’s finally starting~

The other day,
after practice for “CAT’SEYE” was over,

I went with Hagi-chan to see the movie

Before it opened,
we promised “Let’s see it together

My mom, who saw it earlier, told me
“It was really good

so I couldn’t help but want to see it quickly

“Umizaru”… It was rea~~~lly good

I might spoil a little bit of the movie, but I will write down my thoughts

During the screening, I was scared, I was in suspense…

Countless times I yelled “Hang in there Hang in the~re” in my heart

Probably… Hagi-chan was the same way…

When we got to the scene where the tension reached it’s max, we squeezed each other’s hands…

I felt there were a variety of messages included in this movie

When a person gives up, that’s really where it ends…

If someone says “I gave it all I’ve got, but it was no good…”,

they will think that’s their limit,

but that’s not the truth.

“I gave it all I’ve got, but I still won’t give up

When, with that spirit, the hero Senzaki saved a life that everyone else had given up on,

I really got chills

When everyone gave up thinking “They can’t be saved”,

that person was thinking “I will live”, and frantically struggled by themself on the bottom of the sea.

If no one comes to save that person, their efforts become futile…

That probably happens a lot in this world.

If people’s judgment and feelings were different, things would end up differently…

And then,
I was also moved by the scene where everyone came together to save a lot of lives

Though there were a lot of people, everyone acted frantically,

thinking only “I want to save everyone in front of me“.

The idea of “Though each person’s individual power is small, if everyone’s true feelings become one, the impossible becomes possible…” gave me goose bumps

After the movie ended, my heart became warm…

I was moved all the way up to the end credits…

I’m really glad I went to see it…

Well then,
here are some pictures with Hagi-chan, who I shared the emotion of “Umizaru” with…


Well then, I’ll head out fired-up today~

Everyone, please do your best today


Until tomorrow~

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  1. Great, fun website. Good luck in your endeavors!

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