Blog update: “Feelings of Guilt(´・ω・`)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 8/21 blog update, titled “Feelings of Guilt(´・ω・`)“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

I’m sorry I’ve kept updating late at night recently

I had interviews for “Girls News Hello! Project” #7,

and TV Saitama’s “HOT WAVE”

On “Girls News Hello! Project”, I answered the questions that Monica Mitchell-san asked me,

and we talked a bout a lo~t of things

Time flew by

And then, I appeared with Chisato on “HOT WAVE”,


We talked about the two of us,

and of course,
our new single coming out on September 5th,
“Aitai Aitai Aitai na”,
and its coupling tracks,
“Kanashiki Heaven”
and “Saikou Music”

Starting today, the coupling tracks can also be downloaded from Reco-Choku,

and has everyone already checked them out

When I first heard the intro for “Kanashiki Heaven”,

something clicked,
and I thought “Whoa I love this song

Airi and Chisato harmonize together for the whole song, and it’s a really fresh challenge for ℃-ute

The dance is also going to be really cool,

so I’m really looking forward to the day we can perform it on stage now

And then, the other coupling track,
“Saikou Music” is a bright and cheerful song that harkens back to ℃-ute’s beginnings

It’s the exact opposite of “Kanashiki Heaven”

It’s a song that’ll get you excited, so please be sure to check it out

Changing the subject,
when I was walking with our manager today,

I spotted kittens playing around in the grass

My chest tightened(〃~〃)

When I tried approaching,
there were four of them, and it looked like they were playing together

The kittens who noticed me became surprised like

“Whoa Someone’s here“, and ran off into the shrubbery…

Only the kitten who I was directly behind didn’t notice my presence…

Maybe because of the bonds of their friendship,
the other kittens stopped running away,
as if to say “We gotta save him“,

and it looked like the other kittens were frantically trying to warn him

“Hey… Behind you Behind you“…

But still, the kitten didn’t notice me.

“What’s the matter, guys(・∀・) Let’s hurry up and play!!”

“Forget about that There’s someone behind you

…I felt like I could hear that conversation…

I had already crouched down at a place where I could reach out and touch him,

and I thought “He’s cute He’s cute” and I really wanted to hold him…

Because of their love for their friend, they stopped running and tried to warn him even though they were scared…

I started to feel like a real jerk(=_=;)

Though I was only a few centimeters away from touching him, I started to feel guilty and gave up

This wasn’t what I had planned, was it…(´・ω・`)
I was slow to understand…(T^T)

“What(・∀・) What(・∀・) You said there’s something behind me~(・∀・)”

the kitty said before turning his head,

and “((((゜ロ゜;))))

he cried as he leapt up and ran off into the shrubbery with the other kittens…(´^`)


Though, the kittens poking their heads out of the shrubbery to see if I was still there was cute, cute…

In the end, they had made Yaji feel happy…(*´∀`)

The four of them will always be close friends and live strong lives…

Good work today

Let’s have a wonderful day tomorrow too

Good night…

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  1. Maimi-chan and that kitten seem like a perfect pairing!

  2. I think Maimi-chan and me would make a better pairing 😛 jk jk jk xD

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