Blog update: “☆Yajima Maimi (℃-ute)☆”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s first update on the “CAT’S♥EYE” A-version blog, titled ☆Yajima Maimi (℃-ute)☆“:

Good afternoon(^-^)

It’s ℃-ute’s Yajima Maimi, who plays the role of Kisugi Hitomi♪

practice for the play “CAT’S EYE” finally started!!

There’s 2 stories for the play this time, an A pattern and a B pattern,

so there’s a lot of people in the practice hall(^-^lol)

On the first day of practice, we all met each other and had a scenario reading(^-^)人(^-^)

I read the script,

and Hitomi…
Though she appears bright and cheerful on the outside, she actually has a lot of problems,
and there are a lot of conflicts in her heart… I felt.

Hitomi is strong!! She’s cool!!…(T^T)

How should I represent Hitomi’s complex state of mind on stage…

It’s difficult, and there’s things I’m worried about, but I want to firmly confront the role of Hitomi(u-u)

Facing towards the performance, I’ll do my best together with my co-stars and the staff!!(^^)

I look forward to being able to meet everyone at the theater☆

Those who have the time, please be sure to come and watch♪(´ー`)

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