Blog update: “JUNON-san(*^_^*)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 7/31 blog update, titled “JUNON-san(*^_^*)“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday we had a photoshoot for the magazine “JUNON”

During the photoshoot for the August and September issues, I wore two Nomine brand outfits


They were like this…

The first outfit is a cool, mature outfit
The second has a cute feeling…

I’ve already appeared in “JUNON” countless times, so I’m greatly indebted to them,

and what
At yesterday’s photoshoot,
they celebrated ℃-ute’s 7th anniversary

“We never had a chance to celebrate it until now…” they told us…(T^T)

I was too happy

Two wonderful cakes appeared,
and they were decorated with the text “℃-ute”

For ℃-ute’s sake,
they did all that…

℃-ute is blessed

We ate them on the spot,
and they were rea~lly delicious

Thank you so very much

The August and September issues of “JUNON”
Please be sure to check them out, everyone


It’s hot today too, isn’t it

As I thought “Huh Aroma (my pet dog) isn’t here…” this morning,

she was laying flat underneath the bed(lol´∀`)

When I pulled her out, her tail was wagging as she slept… It was cute

Since doggies are covered in hair, it seems they get hotter than us…

I feel sorry for them…

I want to weather this hot summer with my pet dogs

Ah And then,
this morning… my mom was talking to clams… lol(・∀・)?

Last night she started removing the sand from clams,

and this morning she took the newspaper off from over the bowl to check on their status

After she told me “Oh~ It spit out a lot of sand“,

she said to the clams “Oh, you want me to put it back I get it I get it I’m sorry f(^^;)… Alright Is this good“,

and put the newspaper back(lol)

At any rate, last night, without knowing what was going on,

I wondered “Huh What’s this(・o・)?”, and when I lifted the newspaper up,

the clams’ mouths immediately closed,

and it startled meΣ!(゜Д゜ノ)ノ…

They’ll be delicious when I eat them, though…

Well then, later today,
at the Fukuya Shoten Shinjuku Subnade store,

the “℃-ute Aloharo!2 Shashinshuu 2012” release commemoration handshake event will be held

I’ll head off full of spirit today too

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