Blog update: “CAT’S EYE(=^ ェ^=)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 7/26 blog update, titled “CAT’SEYE(=^ ェ^=)“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

This is sudden,
but I have an announcement for everyone

From September 22nd to the 30th
at Ikebukuro Sunshine Theater,

and on October 13th and 14th
at Osaka Ion Keshouhin Theater BRAVA!,

the play “CAT’SEYE” will be held

“CAT’SEYE” is a series created by Houjou Tsukasa-san about 10 years before I was born

Until now they’ve made anime, novels, and movies of it,

but it seems this is the first time they’ve made a play

When I was told that it was made 30 years ago,

I thought “‘CAT’SEYE’… Ah I know it I’ve also heard the song“…

It’s something that has been able to continue on for that long because a lot of people love it…

I’m really honored to be able to appear in the “CAT’SEYE” play

In this play,
I play the role of Kisugi Hitomi,

and Hitomi is the most athletic of the 3 Kisugi sisters (the mysterious thieves, CAT’SEYE), and the main perpetrator of the crimes

So it seems there’ll be action scenes as well

I’ll do my best so I can be a wonderful Hitomi

In addition, there are 2 stories in the play this time,

and Shimizu Saki-chan, Sudou Maasa-chan (both from Berryz Koubou),
Mai, and myself will be the leads in the A version (the thieves’ side of the story),

while Kumai Yurina-chan, Sugaya Risako-chan (both from Berryz Koubou),
and Nacky will be the leads in the B version (the victims’ side of the story)

The A version will be from the original work,
and the B version will be a brand-new story

The Berryz Koubou and ℃-ute members will appear in both the A and B version, so I’ll be glad if those who have the time come and see both

By the way, we had a press conference at Akasaka Sacas yesterday,

and we introduced ourselves,
and performed the “CAT’SEYE” theme

Everyone was nervous,
but we all went over everything together right before, so we were able to have the first performance without any problems(*´д`*)

We’ll also perform this song at the play

Practice will start from here on,

and everyone will do their best so that all who come see the play will think
“That was fun
and “I want to see it again

It’s scorchingly hot outside today, isn’t it

Let’s not lose to the heat in the afternoon either

Until tomorrow’s update~

The pictures are our “CAT’SEYE” outfits

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