Blog update: “Okinawa~p(^-^)q”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 7/19 blog update, titled “Okinawa~p(^-^)q“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

I wrote about it in yesterday’s blog,

but yesterday and the day after yesterday,
Airi and I had a photoshoot for the cover & opening segment of “Shounen Sunday” in Okinawa

I also appeared in “Shounen Sunday” when I was 16-years-old,

and I was really happy that I could appear in the magazine again like this

I’ve only been to Okinawa two times,

for my 1st photobook,
and a trip with my mom,

but every time I went it rained…

I never saw the clear skies of Okinawa(>_<)

"This time for sure

I hoped, and flew to Okinawa

Huh…… Aren’t those rain clouds approaching from the distance…

They’re coming
They’re coming
They’re coming
They’re coming

They’re he~~~~re >_<)

In the end, it rained this time too

It rained on and off the 2nd day, but the skies were clear when it stopped raining,

and I could finally see Okinawa’s clear ocean~

It was rea~lly beautiful(´∀`)

Moritaka Chisato-san’s “Watashi no Natsu” kept playing in my head~

We really couldn’t stop laughing during the photoshoot

It was really fun

We were moved by the Okinawan townscapes,

and the two of us were cracking up while doing immitations of the comedic duo COWCOW-san…

That’s right
During the photoshoot we also saw a mongoose~

In addition, all of the Okinawan food we ate was delicious…(T^T)

Anyway The two days were over in the blink of an eye

The magazine goes on sale on 8/29
They took a lot of pictures of us, so please be sure to check it out

Well then, off-shots from Okinawa~

Matching outfits

In front of a sugarcane field~

Let’s go cheerfully today too~(^з^)/

Until tomorrow~

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