Blog update: “Soothing scenery…(*^^*)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 7/4 blog update, titled “Soothing scenery…(*^^*)“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

This is sudden, but I have something I want to show everyone(≧∀≦)

After I updated the blog yesterday,
the sun had set, and the moon was hanging in the dim Hokkaido sky

The moon was really, really, really, really pretty…(ToT)


This is a picture taken from inside the car

Though it was taken from behind the window and while the car was moving, the photograph came out this pretty~

The actual scene I saw was even more and mo~re pretty though~

Strangely, it made me feel nostalgic…

Hokkaido’s abundant nature is the best~

And then,
today is the release date for the DVD movie where I appear as “Reira”,

“Black Angels 2 ~Kuroki Kakusei-hen~”

It was filmed last December
It feels like a really long time ago

The “Black Angels” staff also came and watched the final performance of ℃-ute’s tour on 6/30

Being able to meet them for the first time in awhile,
and them coming all the way to Yokosuka to watch made me really happy

Well then, here’s is a picture from the filming of “Black Angels 2”

Speaking of Reira, she wears a China dress, but this time I also wore this kind of outfit

Please be sure to check out “Black Angels 2”

Today Nacky appears in the play “Junkers Come Here”

There’s a double cast, so today is Nacky’s first day

I wonder if she’s nervous…

But, but, she worked hard at practice with all of her might

It’s Nacky, so she’ll be alright

It’s almost time for the performance

Fight Nacky


Well then, until tomorrow’s update
Bye by~e

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