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Maimi Sightings for 7/31

Fellow ℃-ute member Nakajima Saki shared this group shot from ℃-ute’s “Alohalo! ℃-ute 2012 Shashinshuu” release commemoration event today in her update on the official ℃-ute blog.

Hagiwara Mai uploaded this 3-shot of her, Maimi, and Nacky in her update.

Suzuki Airi posted this two shot of her and Maimi in her update.

Okai Chisato also shared a group shot in her update on the official ℃-ute blog.

The ℃-ute official Facebook page also got in on the act with this group shot.

The website “The Television” posted an article covering today’s event, and reported that on the subject of the photoshoot, Maimi said the friendliness of the local children made her really happy. The article includes a gallery with several more images from the event.

Check out blog!project for full translations of the other ℃-ute and Hello! Project members’ blog updates.

Blog update: “JUNON-san(*^_^*)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 7/31 blog update, titled “JUNON-san(*^_^*)“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday we had a photoshoot for the magazine “JUNON”

During the photoshoot for the August and September issues, I wore two Nomine brand outfits


They were like this…

The first outfit is a cool, mature outfit
The second has a cute feeling…

I’ve already appeared in “JUNON” countless times, so I’m greatly indebted to them,

and what
At yesterday’s photoshoot,
they celebrated ℃-ute’s 7th anniversary

“We never had a chance to celebrate it until now…” they told us…(T^T)

I was too happy

Two wonderful cakes appeared,
and they were decorated with the text “℃-ute”

For ℃-ute’s sake,
they did all that…

℃-ute is blessed

We ate them on the spot,
and they were rea~lly delicious

Thank you so very much

The August and September issues of “JUNON”
Please be sure to check them out, everyone


It’s hot today too, isn’t it

As I thought “Huh Aroma (my pet dog) isn’t here…” this morning,

she was laying flat underneath the bed(lol´∀`)

When I pulled her out, her tail was wagging as she slept… It was cute

Since doggies are covered in hair, it seems they get hotter than us…

I feel sorry for them…

I want to weather this hot summer with my pet dogs

Ah And then,
this morning… my mom was talking to clams… lol(・∀・)?

Last night she started removing the sand from clams,

and this morning she took the newspaper off from over the bowl to check on their status

After she told me “Oh~ It spit out a lot of sand“,

she said to the clams “Oh, you want me to put it back I get it I get it I’m sorry f(^^;)… Alright Is this good“,

and put the newspaper back(lol)

At any rate, last night, without knowing what was going on,

I wondered “Huh What’s this(・o・)?”, and when I lifted the newspaper up,

the clams’ mouths immediately closed,

and it startled meΣ!(゜Д゜ノ)ノ…

They’ll be delicious when I eat them, though…

Well then, later today,
at the Fukuya Shoten Shinjuku Subnade store,

the “℃-ute Aloharo!2 Shashinshuu 2012” release commemoration handshake event will be held

I’ll head off full of spirit today too

Maimi Sightings for 7/30

Fellow ℃-ute member Hagiwara Mai shared this 2-shot of her and Maimi in her updated on the official ℃-ute blog.

Fellow ℃-ute member Okai Chisato uploaded this 3-shot with her, Mai, and Maimi in her update.

This last shot of Maimi comes from an update on the official GekiPro blog introducing the main cast of the A version of the “CAT’S♥EYE” play.

Check out blog!project for full translations of the other ℃-ute and Hello! Project members’ blog updates.

Blog update: “Mm~( ´艸`)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 7/30 blog update, titled “Mm~( ´艸`)“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi


After the end of our dinner show yesterday,
everyone went out to eat yakiniku

Though I often go with ℃-ute’s members,
it was a fresh experience going with Saki (Berryz Koubou’s Shimizu Saki-chan),
Momo (Berryz Koubou’s Tsugunaga Momoko-chan),
and Berryz Koubou’s managers…

We rarely gather and go out to eat together because we don’t have opportunities like this, so I was really cheerful

The meat was too delicious( ノД`)


though I ate breakfast yesterday,

I was hungry again around 10:30,

so I thought “I’ll eat just a little bit of my lunch“… But when I started eating, my chopsticks wouldn’t stop…

On top of that, they brought the menu from the dinner show that everyone had to our dressing room…

When I saw that…
“I want to eat the same thing as everyone(T^T)
I started thinking,
and I even had a little bit from the hotel’s menu

“Today… I’ve already eaten 3 means by noon… This is bad…(-_-;)”,
so I decided that I wouldn’t eat dinner

But everyone decided

“Let’s all go eat“…

It looks like I have no choice but to eat

………(|| ゜Д゜)

In the end, I ate four meals…

But, food really makes people happy…(´・ω・`)

The dinner show’s menu was also really, really delicious

As we ate yakiniku, we all were melting with happiness

At any rate…
Momochi’s appetite was amazing (lol)(゜Д゜)

While everyone said “I’m so full it hurts~“, she kept happily eating by herself (lol)

Both my heart and stomach were satisfied,
and I haven’t been hungry yet today

With “CAT’SEYE”,
the play that starts on 9/22,
in mind,

Yajima rented the anime DVD and watched it

I’m still not finished watching it,

but it’s interesting

This is what I’ll be playing, huh~

It’s the first play for me in about a year

Practice still hasn’t started, but I will do my best with everyone fired-up from now on

Well then, today ℃-ute will assemble


I’m heading off to everyone’s side

Until tomorrow’s update~

Blog update: “Dinner show p(^-^)q”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 7/29 blog update, titled “Dinner show p(^-^)q“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

The dinner show with Berryz Koubou’s Shimizu Saki-chan and Tsugunaga Momoko-chan, which was spread over two days in Tokyo and Osaka, finished without a hitch

The setlist this time was like this

1. Piriri to Yukou! ~ Momoiro Sparkling

2. Kimi ga Iru Dake de

3. Watashi no Natsu (my solo)

4. Akai Sweet Pea (Momo’s solo)

5. LOVE Namida Iro (Saki’s solo)

6. cha cha SING

7. Summer idol medley
(Natsu Matsuri ~ Shochuu Omimai Moushiagemasu ~ Nagisa no Sindibaad ~ Natsu no Ojou-san ~ Natsuiro no Nancy ~ Nagisa no Haikara Ningyo ~ Aoi Sangoshou ~ Sekai de Ichiban Atsui Natsu)


9. LA LA LA Shiawase no Uta


During our entrance and some songs, we walked through the audience while singing

When we performed “cha cha SING”,
we drew 10 people from the audience by lottery to stand on stage and do the choreography from the chorus with everyone in the venue

And then, we all were members of the unit “ZYX” 9 years ago…

Singing “Iku ZYX! FLY HIGH” with the two of them for the first time in 9 years made me really happy…

Before the setlist was decided, we were given a survery to fill out with the songs we wanted to sing,

and it seems all 3 of us wrote ZYX’s songs…

The fact that those two remembered too… I was really happy…

The venue’s atmosphere was hot too, and it was a really happy place

I hope everyone who came felt the same way too…

And then, everyone who couldn’t come this time but cheered for us anyway, thank you very much

Well~ Here are the dinner show pictures…


My dress this time

Everyone wore dresses that were their image color, so Saki wore yellow and Momo wore pink,

but my image color of red stood out too much against their light colors,

so they asked me “If not red, what color is good“,

and I responded “White is good

So my dress was white, a color I love

I got to wear a red dress during my casual dinner show…

And then, the three of us today


We were also given sweets today( ・∇・)

The person who won “rock, paper, scissors” picked the thing they liked

The order of winners were

But this time the things everyone wanted to eat were different,

so in the end, we all got to eat the things we like

Any retorts of “If that’s the case,
wouldn’t it have been better if you had said “Ready, go” and pointed at the one you wanted from the beginning
are prohibited(  ̄▽ ̄)っ


All of the band members who played for us this time

Guitar: Tokutake Takanari-san (left)
Bass: Shoko-san (bottom-left)

Drum: Asami-san (bottom-right)
Keyboard/Bandmaster: Chiba Junji-san (right)

Actually, all the men on stage were were type B blood

And then, all the women were type O

Therefore, in our huddle we yelled
“Ready, set O“,
and “Ready, set B

Thank you very much for the wonderful performance

I want to have a dinner show like this again…

I’m grateful for the two days filled with happiness

I hope everyone has a HAPPY day tomorrow too…

Good night

Blog update: “Time diary(^^)ノシ”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 7/28 blog update, titled “Time diary(^^)ノシ“:

This blog was written in the evening.
I’m sorry for the late update.

Good morning
It’s Maimi


I think I’ll write a time diary today for the first time in awhile

Today is finally the dinner show with Berryz Koubou’s Shimizu Saki-chan and Tsugunaga Momoko-chan

We will do our best ot make it a wonderful dinner show

…And, I’ll eat breakfast now
I’ll head out in high-spirits today too


I’ve returned from rehearsal, and got my hair done~

Saki is getting her make-up done…
Momo is eating…

Since I finished getting my hair done, I’ll pass the baton to Momo

Then I’ll eat too

The photoshoot is finished~


Momochi’s hair isn’t in the Momochi-musubi style (pig tails),
so the photoshoot was fun( ´∀`) lol

Momochi-musubi is delicate, so usually I have to be careful not to mess it up…(lol)

Saki is next to me getting a manicure…( ´∀`) Hehe

The first dinner show performance is over
Though it was a dinner show, it was as exciting as a concert~

We’ll have more performances tomorrow, so the details are a secret though

It was really fun

And then, we were just given treats~ Ya~yヽ(*´▽)ノ♪


We all pointed to the ones we wanted at once, and we all chose the tart cake

We’re like-minded~(lol)

But since there are only two tarts,
we each only ate half in the end


I noticed I received an e-mail from Airi cheering me on at 3:16PM

Yaji is happy


Airi sent me another message saying
“Do your best at the second performance I’m cheering for you
…( ´∀`)

Right I’ll do my best(^з^)-☆

Thanks Airi

Well, should I submit this update now

I’ll have a wonderful time at the second performance too

I’m o~ff

Blog update: “Souvenirs…ヾ(^ ▽^)ノ”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 7/27 blog update, titled “Souvenirs…ヾ(^ ▽^)ノ“:

I apologize for the late update.
This blog was written during the day.

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Today is the recording for the coupling song of “Aitai Aitai Aitai na”

I really, really like the coupling song too

Everyone has been humming it since the morning

I can’t get it out of my head (lol)

Changing the subject,
Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan went to Thailand earlier,

and bought me avacado chips as a souvenir~(T^T)

“Huh? Didn’t Maimi say she likes avacado chips~ I thought, so I bought them

she said…

I’m so happy~

She remembered something minor I said a long time ago, and bought them for me~

China-san… You’re a wonderful person…(T^T) Thanks…

It’s been a long time since I had avacado chips
As expected, they were really, really delicious~

When I gave some to the other ℃-ute members,

they all said “Delicious I can’t stop eating them“…

They agreed with me~

I forgot to take a picture before we ate all of them…

When I told Chinami
“They’re really delicious~( ;∀;)“,

she said “No kidding Alright, I’ll bring some more next time I got a lot at my place“…(T-T)

She’s so kind

Thank you always, China-san~

And then,
Berryz Koubou’s Shimizu Saki-chan brought me souvenirs from New Jersey too( 〃▽〃)

Souvenirs from New Jersey… They look cool

I learned from my mistake, and properly took a picture this time

Though I’ve never been to New Jersey, I have things that came from that far-away place That makes me feel happy

I used this cup today~

Thanks, Saki…

Here’s a picture with Saki


Tomorrow is the dinner show with Saki and Berryz Koubou’s Tsugunaga Momoko-chan

Though yesterday was the final reherasal, it’s felt fresh since we started,

and those two are reassuring

We’ll have a wonderful dinner show

Well then, until tomorrow’s update~

“CAT’S♥EYE” media round-up

There’s been a ton of coverage online of the press conference for the recently announced “CAT’S♥EYE” play starring members of Berryz Koubou and ℃-ute, so here’s a round-up of some of the videos and articles:

ZENON video:

MAiDiGi TV video

MANTAN WEB article
My Navi News article article
TV Asahi News article article
Chunichi Sports article
47 News article article
Sponichi article
Daily Sports Online article

Maimi Sightings for 7/26

The U.T.B. (Up To Boy) staff Twitter tweeted these pictures of the girls and Maimi from their recent photoshoot.

The writer/director of the B version of “CAT’S EYE”, Shioda Taizo, uploaded pictures of each of the play’s Berikyuu cast members in an update on his official blog, including this one of Maimi.

Blog update: “CAT’S EYE(=^ ェ^=)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 7/26 blog update, titled “CAT’SEYE(=^ ェ^=)“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

This is sudden,
but I have an announcement for everyone

From September 22nd to the 30th
at Ikebukuro Sunshine Theater,

and on October 13th and 14th
at Osaka Ion Keshouhin Theater BRAVA!,

the play “CAT’SEYE” will be held

“CAT’SEYE” is a series created by Houjou Tsukasa-san about 10 years before I was born

Until now they’ve made anime, novels, and movies of it,

but it seems this is the first time they’ve made a play

When I was told that it was made 30 years ago,

I thought “‘CAT’SEYE’… Ah I know it I’ve also heard the song“…

It’s something that has been able to continue on for that long because a lot of people love it…

I’m really honored to be able to appear in the “CAT’SEYE” play

In this play,
I play the role of Kisugi Hitomi,

and Hitomi is the most athletic of the 3 Kisugi sisters (the mysterious thieves, CAT’SEYE), and the main perpetrator of the crimes

So it seems there’ll be action scenes as well

I’ll do my best so I can be a wonderful Hitomi

In addition, there are 2 stories in the play this time,

and Shimizu Saki-chan, Sudou Maasa-chan (both from Berryz Koubou),
Mai, and myself will be the leads in the A version (the thieves’ side of the story),

while Kumai Yurina-chan, Sugaya Risako-chan (both from Berryz Koubou),
and Nacky will be the leads in the B version (the victims’ side of the story)

The A version will be from the original work,
and the B version will be a brand-new story

The Berryz Koubou and ℃-ute members will appear in both the A and B version, so I’ll be glad if those who have the time come and see both

By the way, we had a press conference at Akasaka Sacas yesterday,

and we introduced ourselves,
and performed the “CAT’SEYE” theme

Everyone was nervous,
but we all went over everything together right before, so we were able to have the first performance without any problems(*´д`*)

We’ll also perform this song at the play

Practice will start from here on,

and everyone will do their best so that all who come see the play will think
“That was fun
and “I want to see it again

It’s scorchingly hot outside today, isn’t it

Let’s not lose to the heat in the afternoon either

Until tomorrow’s update~

The pictures are our “CAT’SEYE” outfits

Blog update: “Sense of taste…(・∀・)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 7/25 blog update, titled “Sense of taste…(・∀・)“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

The weather is nice, isn’t it~

Everyone, you aren’t suffering from summer heat fatigue, are you
Please make sure to get a lot of fluids today too, ok

Actually, the day before yesterday,

there was the filming for the music video for ℃-ute’s 19th single coming out on 9/5,
“Aitai Aitai Aitai na”

There weather was also nice that day

The photoshoot was indoors and outdoors,
and the fact that I couldn’t stop sweating was a big problem

It seemed like they were waiting for me to stop sweating before filming the dance scene…(>_<)

The make-up artist was also really busy

I don’t drink this much when I’m not sweating,

but on that day, I noticed I drank about 3 bottles of water

When it’s hot, I start wanting cold things

Ah Speaking of cold things
I bought brown cane sugar soy flour mochi ice cream when we went to Okinawa several days ago

What’s this
It’s a combination of things Yajima loves(´・ω・`)

…That said, I split it with Airi,

and it was rea~lly, really delicious(T-T)

Also, there was mochi inside the ice cream~

Nacky would definitely love it…

We have similar tastes in food

The green tea adzuki bean mochi waffles we were given a few days ago at the Hello! Project concert were also delicious,

so I said “Hey, hey, Nacky will definitely like this Take a bite Take a bite(^-^)”…

The usual meddlesome Yajima appeared…

But it was so delicious that I wanted her to try it…


Of course, Airi and Kumai-chan (Berryz Koubou’s Kumai Yurina-chan), who both love green tea, also recommended it,
saying “You should definitely try it“…

Though, before I wouldn’t eat green tea-flavored things by choice…

I’m able to enjoy eating them now

I also started thinking “Delicious” when I drink milk tea…

I wonder if my tastes changed recently

It’s a happy thing

Let’s do our best without losing to the heat today too

Here’s a picture from the recent music video filming


Well then, until tomorrow’s update~

More “CAT’S♥EYE” details

A press conference for the recently announced “CAT’S♥EYE” play was held today at Asakasa Sacas, which MANTAN WEB again reported on. More details of the play were revealed, including that the the three main roles would be played by Maimi (“Hitomi”), Sudou Maasa (“Rui”), and Hagiwara Mai (“Ai”). All of the Berryz Koubou and ℃-ute members will have the same roles in both versions, which will tell the same story from two different perspectives: “To steal” (A version) and “To be stolen from” (B version). In addition, a special unit consisting of the Berikyuu members in the play, “CAT’S♥EYE 7”, has been formed for the duration of the play, and performed a remake of the “CAT’S♥EYE” theme song at the event.

A gallery of 26 images can be seen at the MANTAN WEB article.

Maimi to appear in “CAT’S♥EYE” play

Maimi will be appearing alongside Berryz Koubou and ℃-ute members in the upcoming play “CAT’S♥EYE”, based on the popular Shounen Jump manga from the early 80s, according to a Mantan Web article. The play will be the 12th installment of the “GekiHaro” series, and feature Berryz Koubou members Shimizu Saki, Sudou Maasa, Kumai Yurina, and Sugaya Risako, and Maimi, Nakajima Saki, and Hagiwara Mai from ℃-ute in two different versions. Performances will run from September 22nd to the 30th at the Ikebukuro Sunshine Theater in Tokyo, and on October 13th and 14th at the Ion Keshouhin Theater BRAVA! in Osaka.

Blog update: “Dinner show(^-^)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 7/24 blog update, titled “Dinner show(^-^)“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

Today, there was rehearsal for the premium summer dinner show being held on 7/28 and 7/29 with Berryz Koubou’s Shimizu Saki-chan and Tsugunaga Momoko-chan~

We met the band who’d be playing for us for the first time…

We rehearsed with live music

The performance is only 4 days away~ My heart is pounding

While going over the parts that we were worried about together, we made progress at rehearsal today

Looking towards the actual performance, I’ve gotta gradually get it together

I’ll do my best

And then, today is the release day of ℃-ute’s photobook
“Aloharo! ℃-ute2012”

It’s ℃-ute frolicking under the Hawaiian sun with all our energy

Even just remembering the photoshoot is fun

The release commemoration handshake event for this photobook will be held on 7/31 (Tues.) at the Fukuya Shoten Shinjuku Subnade store

Please check out the “event news” section of the Fukuya Shoten home page for more details

Well then, here are some off-shots from Hawaii(^o^)

Morning photoshoot
During a break, I sat on a chair outside and drank milk coffee

The crisp and dry breeze felt great

℃-ute stuffing our cheeks with the donuts they gave us

This picture was taken against the light…
I’m sorry

In addition, today is the release date of the magazine “smart”,

which I had a photoshoot for several days ago

Those who haven’t checked it out yet,

please be sure to check it out

That said, the day is coming to an end

The tomatoes grown at the Yajima household are so good, I’ve been unable to stop eating them for awhile~( ´∀`)

We harvested so many that though I keep eating and eating, they aren’t running out~

Alright This next one is the last(´・ω・`)

Good ni~ght

Maimi Sightings for 7/23

Fellow ℃-ute member Suzuki Airi shared this 2-shot with Maimi in her update on the official ℃-ute blog today.

Check out blog!project for full translations of the other ℃-ute and Hello! Project members’ blog updates.