Blog update: “Timid person…(*^^*)

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/26 blog update, titled “Timid person…(*^^*)“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

I’m sorry for the late update

Yajima’s cellphone…
A problem has arisen where though I’m charging it,
the battery isn’t charging

Now, I can’t use my cellphone unless it’s hooked up to the charger

I’m sorry for making you wait for this update m(__)m

The cute e-mail that I received from Hagi-chan that I wrote about in yesterday’s update was

“I’m sorry about yesterday Today I could sleep soundly

Actually, we stayed at a hotel prior to the “Chou HAPPY SONG” event the day before yesterday,

and this time we ended up in single hotel rooms

Unlike ususal, I woke up in the middle of the night

(Huh… What time is it… What the~ It’s this hour I can sleep some more…… Huh(・o・) I got an e-mail… I wonder who it’s from…)

When I opened it, it was from Hagi-chan

It seems Hagi-chan was too scared to sleep in a single room…

“Maimi-chan, you’re probably already asleep, huh If you wake up, please e-mail me

(Yikes I’m late noticing it(>_<)
Certainly Hagi-chan has already fallen asleep)

While wondering that, I replied,

“I just woke up now, have you already fallen asleep Do you want to come to my room“,

and I instantly got a reply back

Hagi-chan came to my room and said

“Ah~(_´Д`) I’m not alone!! Now I can relax and sleep“,

before falling asleep

I saw Hagi-chan sleeping soundly next to me, so I once again went back to dreaming…

When I was small, I was also considerably timid,
so I couldn’t ever sleep unless my brother told me a story

So I can understand Hagi-chan’s feelings

Well, I lost my sense of fear before I knew it, so I became able to sleep anywhere…

It’s strange considering how timid I was…

Hagi-chan’s report the next day, “I could sleep properly“, was also really cute

I’m glad I’m glad

Sleep soundly today too~
I want to sleep soundly also

Good night


Right now,
on the U/Factory channel on YouTube,

the 10th Anniversary t-shirt video has been uploaded

Please be sure to check it out

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