JIJIPRESS coverage of “Chou HAPPY SONG” event

The JIJIPRESS YouTube channel uploaded a video report on Berikyuu’s “Chou HAPPY SONG” event held at Tokyo Dome yesterday. The members participating in the Tokyo event were Maimi, Tsugunaga Momoko (Berryz Koubou), Sudou Maasa (Berryz), Sugaya Risako (Berryz), Okai Chisato (℃-ute), and Hagiwara Mai (℃-ute). The video includes short clips of the girls performing Berryz’s “Because happiness”, ℃-ute’s “Shiawase no Tochuu”, and then the Berikyuu song that comes from combining the two songs, “Chou HAPPY SONG”. Also shown is a corner from the event where Maasa asked each girl to show their favorite pose from the choreography for “Chou HAPPY SONG”. Maimi chose the part of the dance where they hug each other, but Mai revealed that until recently Maimi always forgot to hug her. Momoko then goaded Maimi into apologizing to Mai, which she did by mimicking Momoko’s catchphrase “Yurushite, nyan!”.

In a backstage intervew segment, Maimi asked each of the members what was something that makes them “super HAPPY” recently. Maimi herself answered first, explaining that she really loves sweets and lately she becomes super happy when she has waffles with ice cream on them. After sharing all their answers, the girls wrapped up the video by promoting the upcoming Hello! Project summer tour and the Berikyuu photobook “Rival”.

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