Blog update: “Foot pressure points(>_<)"

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/19 blog update, titled “Foot pressure points(>_<)“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Cologne (my pet dog) put her chin on my arm, and is sleeping soundly~

It makes it difficult to type this blog,
but it’s soothing~
In addition, Cologne is warm~(´ー`)

Speaking of which, the other day in ℃-ute’s dressing room,
Airi held a seminar on the pressure points of the foot (lol)

Airi had a diagram of the pressure points, and taught us various things like

“This is the pressure point of the neck

and “And, this is the pressure point of the throat“,

while looking at the diagram~

In addition, Airi is good at pressing on pressure points(>_<)

It rea~~ly hurt~

“If it hurts, it’s working” she said…

But, it was interesting learning about the various pressure points

Here’s a picture with Airi

(1) Green tea rice cakes we were given as treats

Though I don’t usually eat green tea-flavored things, it was incredibly delicious(T-T)

Ah… I want to eat it again…(´ー`)

Changing the subject,
at the “JUNON Produce Girls Contest” event several days ago,

we appeared with the model Kumikky-san

Kumikky-san gave us her book as a present,

and when I turned the page, I was surprised

She wrote a message for each of us(ToT)

I’m moved…(;_;)


She’s a really kind person
Thank you very much

Alright, today is my solo event

My heart is pounding, but I’ll have fun

It seems the typhoon is heading north,

so please be careful when you leave the house, everyone

Safety first

Last is a picture with Chisato

Well then, until tomorrow’s update~

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