Blog update: “Team ℃-ute(^з^)-“

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/17 blog update, titled “Team ℃-ute(^з^)-“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

The 2 days of Osaka concerts are finished

Ah It was fun~(^o^)/

Did everyone else enjoy it too

Yesterday was ℃-ute’s first concert since turning 7,

and today was also Chisato’s last performance as a 17-year-old, so everyone in the venue celebrated Chisato’s 18th birthday a little early

The special things continued…

Though there were a lot of people in the venue, they simultaneously brought out towels that were Chisato’s image color green

Team ℃-ute is wonderful~

We are really, really fortunate that everyone in Team ℃-ute is this warm

Everyone who came to meet ℃-ute yesterday and today,
thank you very much

And then, those who unfortunately couldn’t come too,

thank you for always supporting ℃-ute as members of Team ℃-ute

The only remaining performances on this tour at the Yokosuka performances

Time has flown by

There are a lot of people who can’t come to the closing day on 6/30,

but the final performance will be broadcast live on YouTube

I’m really happy…

Those who couldn’t get a ticket,

those who are busy and don’t have the time to attend a concert,

those who can’t come because it’s far away,

everyone overseas, etc., etc…

I want a lo~t of people to see it(≧∀≦)

It’ll be nice if those who don’t know about ℃-ute but watched the live broadcast for whatever reason join Team ℃-ute~

I hope it becomes a concert that can grab ahold of a lot of people’s hearts
I want ℃-ute’s full power to come out and make the final performance a perfect explosion

Ah That’s right
There’s something I want everyone to see

(2) Isn’t it cute

The manga-ka Kindaichi Renjuurou-san who came and watched today’s concert gave us these treats…

Cupcakes she ordered for ℃-ute’s sake

By the way,
mine is the one decorated with the cherries I love

Nacky’s is decorated with the oranges she loves

Airi’s is her character Su-san.

Chisato’s is a fish from her fishing image

Mai’s is her trademark ribbon

Wonderful treats… It seemed like a waste, but everyone ate them in the blink of an eye

Thank you

Last is an announcement

The music video
for Berikyuu’s (Berryz Koubou x ℃-ute) 2nd single,
going on sale 6/20,

is currently showing on the Mobekimasu channel on Youtube

In addition, they also made a special site for “Chou HAPPY SONG”

There’s a lot of information about “Chou HAPPY SONG”, so please be sure to check it out



Today is Tsuji Nozomi-san’s birthday
Tsuji-san… Happy birthday

When listening to our manager talk about it,
she seems really concerned with ℃-ute,

so her and our manager often talk about ℃-ute together…

I’m happy
She cares about us like that

She’s also given us treats and said “Share with everyone~

Always, always thank you

Please have a wonderful year

I also wanted to write about Father’s Day…

but this entry has become long,
so I’ll write about it tomorrow

Thank you always dad

Well then, I’m sorry for the late update
Until tomorrow’s update
Good night

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