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Blog update: “To everyone, from Maimi”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/30 blog update, titled “To everyonefrom Maimi“:


This is a special day that changed the lives of Berryz Koubou and ℃-ute

10 years ago now

The announcement of the results for the Hello! Project Kids audition were just around the corner and my heart was pounding

On a live broadcast of TV Tokyo’s “Hello! Morning” program, we were told we successfully passed.

This was our beginning…

That day was perfectly split between the me who hadn’t yet joined Hello! Project, and the me who had joined.

because of the 10th anniversary,
I’ve thought about various things every day.

I’ve been able to meet a lot of people since entering this world~…

Earlier, when I thought “It’ll soon be 10 years…“,

I suddenly felt like reading old fan letters.

These were my thoughts while reading them.

The people who wrote those letters back then probably aren’t fans anymore.

…But, even after this, the fact that those people supported us will never change…

Surely, they don’t read this blog either, I think.

Even so, now, after 10 years have passed, I want to show my gratitude to those we’ve seperated from too.

Thank you so very much.

So that we become a group that makes those people think “I want to support them again“,

and so they will be surprised and think “They’ve grown” when they see us again after a long time,

I will continue to do my best

And then, everyone who is supporting us now.

When I feel everyone’s warm affection, I want to make everyone even more happy I want to grow more I feel.

Tough times, frustrating times, times when I’ve wanted to quit…
I’ve been saved by everyone time and time again.

Our source of power to do our best, without a doubt, is everyone.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you very much.

Our 10th anniversary, which we were able to reach because of everyone’s support, falls on the same day as the ℃-ute tour’s closing day.

It was something I couldn’t imagine 10 years ago.

All of the staff, my friends and relatives,
and then my family. And then my colleagues.

And then, and then, all of the fans.

With my gratitude for everyone who has supported us and showered us with affection until now,

I will stand on stage

Everyone who can’t come to the venue,
please be sure to watch the live broadcast of final performance of ℃-ute’s tour at 6:30PM on YouTube

Everyone who supports us from overseas too,
I’m sorry that we can’t go there and meet you regularly,

but even though it’s through a screen, I will do my best so that it will become a concert that moves everyone

Let’s get excited together

In addition, to commemorate our 10th anniversary,

the book “Berryz Koubou x ℃-ute Cross Talk BOOK RIVAL ~12 Shoujo no 10-nen Monogatari~” goes on sale today

I’m really grateful

With the friends who I spent 10 years with,
we talked about things we could only say now,
our futures,
and a lot of other things

I’ll be happy if everyone makes sure to read it

Well then, I hope today becomes a super HAPPY day for us and everyone…

Blog update: “Fun stories(^-^)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/29 blog update, titled “Fun stories(^-^)“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

Today I had a goods photoshoot for the premium summer dinner show with Berryz Koubou’s Shimizu Saki-chan and Tsugunaga Momoko-chan

I enjoyed chatting with the make-up artist when I was getting my make-up done

Listening to various people’s stories is really fun, I’ve strongly felt recently

Here’s today’s conversation with the make-up artist


at the hospital a nurse called out a patient’s name,
“Fujiwara Norika-san”~

Everyone including me turned around immediately~

It was just someone with the same name though~(^^;
They seemed really embarassed~(^o^;)

Surely that kind of thing has happened to people with the same name as a performer~(lol)

In addition, I talked to Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan earlier, and she said something that shocked me

“I think I can live in America I was able to make a friend in New Jersey (lol)

“I talked to a girl sitting next to me in the train I asked ‘Here, here, (while pointing at the seat next to the girl) OK‘…”

“And, in the end we were listing to music with the same earphones And, I gave her a Berryz Koubou CD (lol) I told her ‘This, this, me (while pointing at the cover)’…

There’s nothing I can say except that this is Chinami

What That sociability(≧∀≦)

Just like how she talked to me during our audition,

Chii can talk to anyone

That character is wonderful~\(^-^)/

Well well,
here are today’s pictures

In addition, a bonus picture
The make-up artist is playing with my hair (lol)

And then,

the photoshoot for the magazine “UTB+ Vol.9” with all of ℃-ute just ended

Here’s a picture taken just now


The Suzuno-ya kimonos we wore at the “JUNON Produce Girls Contest”

As expected, the summer-feeling you get from wearing a yukata is nice
Wearing it made me cheerful

Well then Tomorrow is a really important day for us

I hope it’ll be a wonderful day…

Here’s the URL for the live YouTube broadcast of the closing performance of ℃-ute’s tour tomorrow

It starts at 6:30PM, so please be sure to check it out

Preview of Maimi’s appearance on “Yu! Style”

The HikariCaesar YouTube channel has uploaded a minute long preview of Maimi’s “Geki saka” segment on an upcoming episode of “Yu! Style” where she challenges a simulation of biking up Mt. Fuji. Another commercial for the program was uploaded to the same channel, which features more of Maimi at 22 second mark, and can be seen here.

Blog update: “Pink drink(^ з^)-“

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/28 blog update, titled “Pink drink(^ з^)-“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

The sun will set soon~

Yesterday I participated in practice for the futsal team “Gatas”

I’m always soaked with sweat at practice

When I think that it’ll get hotter and hotter from here,

I wonder how badly I’ll start sweating(・・;)

But exercising is fun

Like, I ran with all my power less and less after graduating school and never got that feeling back,

but recently when I run all-out at practice,

I remember “Ah~ Right, right It feels like this

Speaking of which, it seems S/mileage’s Takeuchi Akari-chan said she wants to race me

I want to race Akari-chan too~

It’d be nice if we can do it someday

Now, Gatas will have a match on the 30th

It’s the closing day of ℃-ute’s tour, so Yajima can’t participate,

but I will send my support to Gatas
Everyone, if it’s alright, please support them too

After practice,
I had a fitting for the premium summer dinner show with Berryz Koubou’s Shimizu Saki-chan and Tsugunaga Momoko-chan on the 28th and 29th

“Whoa~ The beautiful dress is going to get soaked with sweat~“,

I worried

I wonder what we should sing at the dinner show~

I’ll talk about it with both of them,
and we’ll perform the songs that make us say “I want to sing this

A dinner show with 3 people the same age…
I want it to be fun

Ah Also, yesterday Chisato bought me my beloved adzuki smoothie

Thanks, Chissa


And, right now I’m drinking strawberry lassi


Haha They’re both pink

Well, let’s enjoy the rest of the day

Until tomorrow~

Blog update: “Yajima became small~( ゜o゜)!!”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/27 blog update, titled “Yajima became small~( ゜o゜)!!“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

Thanks to everyone for all the advice on my cellphone

I was able to properly charge it today

Earlier, I went to a cafe during free time between jobs…(*^^*)

There, I met this


A waffle with vanilla ice cream and montblanc…

The picture on the menu alone was captivating~(〃∀〃)

Of course I ordered and ate it, and it was really delicious and made me happy~

While thinking “It’s disappearing~ It’s disappearing~“, I ate it (lol)

Well Naturally, it was gone in the blink of an eye…f(^^;)

And then, I had a photoshoot for the front cover of the magazine “Goo Bike” until just a little while ago

I was surprised by how big the bicycle I was photographed with was

Yajima looked small in the pictures (lol)

It’s release it still a ways off, so I’ll upload some pictures when it gets closer

No~w, Yajima will have dinner before the next job

I wandered around thinking “I wonder what I should eat today…“,

and I went into an Indian food restaraunt

Speaking of which, if you notice, the first half of the year is almost over

Isn’t it quick

The closing day of ℃-ute’s tour,
and the anniversary of Hello! Project Kids (now Berryz Koubou and ℃-ute) is in 3 days

Whoa~ I’ve become a little anxious

We’ll have the best closing day
Those who can’t come, please be sure to watch the live broadcast on YouTube

Well then
Until tomorrow’s update~

Bye by~e


Today’s pictures

From the filming of TV Tokyo’s “Hello! SATOYAMA Life”

The beautiful purple flowers had bloomed, so I took a picture with Morning Musume’s Iikubo Haruna-chan in front of them~

A picture from the earlier photoshoot for the magazine “Gravure the Television”

Maimi Sightings for 6/26

For the last several days, Berryz Koubou’s captain Shimizu Saki has been uploading 2-shots with the other members of Berikyuu on her solo blog, and today she finally uploaded a series with Maimi. In addition, captain wrote that Maimi is a “bundle of kindness” in <A href="her update.

Check out blog!project for full translations of the other ℃-ute and Hello! Project members’ blog updates.

Blog update: “Timid person…(*^^*)

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/26 blog update, titled “Timid person…(*^^*)“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

I’m sorry for the late update

Yajima’s cellphone…
A problem has arisen where though I’m charging it,
the battery isn’t charging

Now, I can’t use my cellphone unless it’s hooked up to the charger

I’m sorry for making you wait for this update m(__)m

The cute e-mail that I received from Hagi-chan that I wrote about in yesterday’s update was

“I’m sorry about yesterday Today I could sleep soundly

Actually, we stayed at a hotel prior to the “Chou HAPPY SONG” event the day before yesterday,

and this time we ended up in single hotel rooms

Unlike ususal, I woke up in the middle of the night

(Huh… What time is it… What the~ It’s this hour I can sleep some more…… Huh(・o・) I got an e-mail… I wonder who it’s from…)

When I opened it, it was from Hagi-chan

It seems Hagi-chan was too scared to sleep in a single room…

“Maimi-chan, you’re probably already asleep, huh If you wake up, please e-mail me

(Yikes I’m late noticing it(>_<)
Certainly Hagi-chan has already fallen asleep)

While wondering that, I replied,

“I just woke up now, have you already fallen asleep Do you want to come to my room“,

and I instantly got a reply back

Hagi-chan came to my room and said

“Ah~(_´Д`) I’m not alone!! Now I can relax and sleep“,

before falling asleep

I saw Hagi-chan sleeping soundly next to me, so I once again went back to dreaming…

When I was small, I was also considerably timid,
so I couldn’t ever sleep unless my brother told me a story

So I can understand Hagi-chan’s feelings

Well, I lost my sense of fear before I knew it, so I became able to sleep anywhere…

It’s strange considering how timid I was…

Hagi-chan’s report the next day, “I could sleep properly“, was also really cute

I’m glad I’m glad

Sleep soundly today too~
I want to sleep soundly also

Good night


Right now,
on the U/Factory channel on YouTube,

the 10th Anniversary t-shirt video has been uploaded

Please be sure to check it out

JIJIPRESS coverage of “Chou HAPPY SONG” event

The JIJIPRESS YouTube channel uploaded a video report on Berikyuu’s “Chou HAPPY SONG” event held at Tokyo Dome yesterday. The members participating in the Tokyo event were Maimi, Tsugunaga Momoko (Berryz Koubou), Sudou Maasa (Berryz), Sugaya Risako (Berryz), Okai Chisato (℃-ute), and Hagiwara Mai (℃-ute). The video includes short clips of the girls performing Berryz’s “Because happiness”, ℃-ute’s “Shiawase no Tochuu”, and then the Berikyuu song that comes from combining the two songs, “Chou HAPPY SONG”. Also shown is a corner from the event where Maasa asked each girl to show their favorite pose from the choreography for “Chou HAPPY SONG”. Maimi chose the part of the dance where they hug each other, but Mai revealed that until recently Maimi always forgot to hug her. Momoko then goaded Maimi into apologizing to Mai, which she did by mimicking Momoko’s catchphrase “Yurushite, nyan!”.

In a backstage intervew segment, Maimi asked each of the members what was something that makes them “super HAPPY” recently. Maimi herself answered first, explaining that she really loves sweets and lately she becomes super happy when she has waffles with ice cream on them. After sharing all their answers, the girls wrapped up the video by promoting the upcoming Hello! Project summer tour and the Berikyuu photobook “Rival”.

Blog update: “Conductor!?(^_^;)?”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/25 blog update, titled “Conductor!?(^_^;)?“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

It was really, really chilly today~

Today I worked with Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan,

and when I thought she was picking up a weed that had fallen by the roadside,

Chinami immediately started imitating an orchestra conductor(lol)

The fact that she had a serious look on her face while holding a weed was really funny(≧∀≦lol)

She’s a merry person~

And then, we were told a wonderful announcement about Berikyuu (Berryz Koubou x ℃-ute)

It seems “Chou HAPPY SONG” is #2 on the daily chart

Thank you very much

Actually, before it went on-sale,
I pre-ordered one copy of the single

There’s a ticket for each of our handshake events that comes with the CD,

and you don’t know who amongst the 12 members’ ticket you’ll get…

Who do you think I got


Yajima Maimi

Just kidding(lol)

It was Kumai Yurina-chan (Berryz Koubou)

Well Of course,
I also have a handshake event on that day, so I can’t go to her’s

And then, today is the birthday of the senior I aspire to be like,
Matsuura Aya-san


Happy birthday

Though I only meet her once in awhile,
she’s a senior who always welcomes me really kindly

Speaking of which, during the Hello! Project Kids audition,

I sang Matsuura Aya-san’s
“Momoiro Kataomoi”~

At my solo event the other day,
I also sang “100-kai no KISS”,

and there are so many of Matsuura-san’s songs that I love…

I also like songs like “Diary”,
and “Zutto Suki de Ii desu ka”…

I often watch her concert DVDs, and every time I think “She’s a really amazing person…”

From here on, I will continue to selfishly learn various things from her

Please have a wonderful year


Today’s pictures

(2) A 2-shot with Chisato
Before I knew it, our “Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku” outfits had become out of season…

(3) A 3-shot with Berryz Koubou’s Shimizu Saki-chan and Mai

The other day, Saki gave everyone in ℃-ute lip cream that she bought as souvenirs in New Jersey
Thanks Saki

Mai-chan also sent me a really cute e-mail today

Well then, let’s have a wonderful day tomorrow too

Good night

Blog update: “Momochi vs. Maimi & Mai”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/24 blog update, titled “Momochi vs. Maimi & Mai“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

Yesterday, after the Kimi Chari BOX polaroid event was finished,

we appeared as a surprise guest at “Pop’n Idol 02”,
which Berryz Koubou appeared at

We sang Berikyuu’s (Berryz Koubou x ×℃-ute) new song
“Chou HAPPY SONG”, which is on-sale now

Since it was a surprise, I wondered “How will the audience react“,

and I was a little bit nervous, but everyone warmly… no,

the audience was already considerably worked-up by the concert up to that point, so we got a really, really hot reception

Though it was only one song, it was really fun

After that, we also appeared at the handshake event

(1) A picture after yesterday’s performance
Nacky took the picture

And then,
today at the Tokyo Dome Laqua Garden Stage,

Berryz Koubou’s

Tsugunaga Momoko-chan,
Sudou Maasa-chan,
Sugaya Risako-chan,

from ℃-ute,
Chisato, Mai, and myself,

the 6 of us had a release commemoration event for “Chou HAPPY SONG”

The weather was really, really nice(^o^)/

It was an open stage,
and the breeze felt really good

In addition, having an event with these members was too fresh…

The setlist was like this

1. Amazuppai Haru ni Sakurasaku

2. Because happiness (Berryz Koubou)
3. Shiawase no Tochuu (℃-ute)


Though it was over in the blink of an eye,
the venue was filled to the top,

and at the handshake event,
we got to hear everyone’s various comments directly,

so it was really fun

Thank you very much

Well then, today’s pictures

(2) With Maasa~

She noticed trash left behind and cleaned it up (What a nice person… She’s wonderful like that I feel…)

And like a mother, she said “Alright Everyone~, cars pass through here, so be careful~

(3) Risako

She looks like a doll every time I see her…
After the performance,
Risako, Chisato, and Mai slept snuggled together,

and all three of them look really cute(〃∀〃)

As expected, Maasa looked like a mother kindly watching them~(lol)

I didn’t take a picture with Momochi, but here’s a conversation we had in the dressing room…

Momo (while pointing at her shoulders) “Hey hey, Maimi~, let’s massage each other

Me (while pointing at my own shoulders) “…Ah So Momo will massage me first, huh(lol) O~ka~y(lol)”

Momo “Ah…

Hagi-chan, who overheard the conversation, said to Momo,
“No, don’t pressure Yaji~


Me “Since Hagi-chan said no, I can’t do it So~rry

Well We massaged each other in the end though (lol)

Because of all these things, it was a fun day

Make tomorrow a wonderful day too~

Good night

Blog update: “Yesterday and today(^o^)/ “

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/23 blog update, titled “Yesterday and today(^o^)/“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

Yesterday, when I thought we’d be shooting in the rain…
…the rain stopped, a cool wind started blowing, and it was the best weather for filming

It was a rare day where I was blessed with good weather

But since I thought it was gonna rain,
I was unprepared(>_<)

I didn't put on any sunscreen

I might’ve gotten a little sunburned…

After that,
I went and saw the second performance of Airi’s solo event~

The venue was filled with Airi’s soft atmosphere,

and there’s a gap where though she’s cool when she sings,
she’s soft when she talks

I was still fascinated by that part of her

During the night, I appeared with Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan

on the Bunka Housou program “Sukapan!”

We talked a lot about the NEW Berikyuu (Berryz Koubou x ℃-ute) single on sale now,


Everyone who listened,
thank you

By the way, I have a new announcement

The “Chou HAPPY SONG” app
is available at the Android app store

Please be sure to check that out too(*^^*)

And then, today was the
“Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku” BOX
release commemoration polaroid event with everyone in ℃-ute

It was really fun

I was able to make a lot of memories today too

Well then, lastly I will attach today’s pictures


Well then, until tomorrow’s update~
Bye by~e

New Maimi photobook app “Awa Awa, to.”

A new photobook app titled “Awa Awa, to.” featuring Maimi has just been released on the Google Play store. The app costs $6.59USD, and the description from the listing reads as follows:

This is a photobook app of Maimi Yajima.
Maimi spend busy time as leader of ℃-ute(C-ute) every day.
But it is important to have a relaxing time.
For example, changing clothes casually, sitting by window absently or going for walk.
Her relaxing time is just like her personality. Slow and calm.
Let’s watch Maimi as she really is.

The app is produced by “KADOKAWA Magazines Inc.”, who also produced Maimi’s previous photobook app “Cutest“, so the two are similar in style. In addition, the listing contains 3 sample images and a preview video, all which can also be seen below.

Blog update: “Grateful for 4 years(..)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/22 blog update, titled “Grateful for 4 years(..)“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

It’s raining today too…
But, for someone like me who hates the heat,
this kind of temperature is comfortable

I had a recording for the FM-PORT program,
“℃-ute Yajima Maimi no I My MeMaimi~”

Since the beginning of the program,
there has been a director who has taken care of me for about 4 years,

and actually, yesterday’s recording was that director’s final recording

I was still 16 when the program started, so I was nervous on each and every recording day

He taught me various things from the beginning,

and when I couldn’t do it well,

there were times when he’d say “Well, try doing it more like this Alright Well then, let’s try it one more time“, and we’d re-record it

When I compare it to the beginning when I was flustered and spinning my wheels,

I think I was able to reach the point where I could relax and talk

I’m grateful to the director for always watching over me for those 4 years,

and so that those who listen to “℃-ute Yajima Maimi no I My MeMaimi~” can enjoy it,

and so that the program can continue for a long time, I will do my best

He really took care of me for a long time

After the recording,
I went and saw Chisato’s solo event~

Having an event on your birthday is wonderful

The venue was filled with t-shirts and glowsticks in Chisato’s image color,
and sunflowers during the evening performance

It made me feel kind of warm

There were several songs chosen for Chisato’s performance that we don’t usually get the chance to hear,

and when she sang a ballad I got goosebumps

Though she’s small, the singing voice that came from her was really powerful and cool

Well done, Chisato(*^^*)

Now, today is the final day of the solo events
Today is Suzuki Airi-chan’s performances

Airi~, fight

After watching Chisato’s event,
I appeared with Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan
on the Nico Nico Douga live broadcast,
“Nishikawa Takanori no Ienomi!!”

During the question corner,
there were questions we don’t usually get asked, and we were able to talk with everyone about various things

Midway through the program, even my pet dog Cologne made an appearance

After awhile in the dressing room,
Cologne started looking around for my mom like “Mother, where’d you go“,

but she instantly became attached to our managers, and it seems she was sleeping soundly while being held by my manager before appearing(*^^*) lol

And then,
today Chinami and I will also appear on the Bunka Housou program
from around 10:10PM to 10:40PM

Please be sure to check that out too

Well then, today’s pictures

Souvenirs Chinami bought in New Jersey

(1) A NEW jersey In addition, it’s a set
I’m really happy(≧∀≦)

(2) In addition, she gave me this mug
China~~ Thanks~~

Well then, let’s continue to do our best into the afternoon

Until tomorrow’s update~

Maimi Sightings for 6/21

Hello! Project member Mitsui Aika shared this 2-shot with Maimi from their filming for “Hello! SATOYAMA Life” on her solo blog.

Staff member staffff tweeted this picture of Maimi and Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami……’s arm.

Nishikawa Takanori, whose Nico Nico Douga live show Maimi and Chinami appeared on, tweeted this group shot from the girls’ appearance earlier today.

Check out blog!project for full translations of the other ℃-ute and Hello! Project members’ blog updates.

Blog update: “from Maimi”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 6/21 blog update, titled “fromMaimi“:


Chisato finally turned 18(T-T)


A lot of people celebrated at ℃-ute’s concert several days ago too, and Chisato looked really happy

That smile is unbearably nice

It’s really a smile that makes people happy

Chisato always makes everyone laugh in the dressing room, and is innocent and mischevious,

but she also gives off a motherly sense of security…

I wonder why that is~
She’s good at cooking and often watches over her little sisters… She has that kind of familial image,

and the way she also gets involved in the discussion when someone is having problems is also motherly

She’s really to the point Or rather…
She properly addresses the bad things too,
like “Since this isn’t good, wouldn’t doing it like this be better”…

In order to resolve that girl’s problems,
she tenderly tries to find a good way

“I want to understand people’s feelings“… I really get that kind feeling from her

In addition,

Chisato’s abundance of facial expressions is another one of her charms

Chisato when she’s really joking around and overcome with laughter,
angry Chisato when there’s something she doesn’t like,

being in high spirits when there’s something happy,

crying when there’s something frustrating…

I’ve seen various sides of Chisato,

and it’s wonderful that she can honestly express her feelings like that I feel…

Being honest with yourself like that is really cool

Without changing even though you’ve turned 18,
I want to you have a lot of happiness with that smile that calms everyone…

From here on too, best regards always
I love Chisato


Though you’re probably nervous, do your best at your solo event today

Receive lots and lots of congratulations on your birthday

I hope it’s a birthday that leaves behind memories…


“Chou HAPPY SONG” went on sale yesterday, and it was reported that it was 2nd on the daily charts

I’m really happy that a lot of people have listened to it

I’m really looking forward to performing it on stage with Berryz Koubou from here

And then
Today, at 11:00PM~
I will appear with Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan on the program broadcasting live on Nico Nico Douga,

“Nishikawa Takanori no Ienomi!!”

I’ll be happy if you make sure to watch it

Well then, I hope today becomes a super HAPPY day for Chisato and everyone else…