Blog update: “China turned 20(Tv T”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/22 blog update, titled “China turned 20(Tv T“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi


Berryz Koubou’s Tokunaga Chinami-chan has finally turned 20~

Ah~ It’s a special day
It’s amazing that the grand opening of the Tokyo Sky Tree and Chinami’s 20th birthday are on the same day

Today I met Chinami

I finished work at night,
and Chinami’s work started at night,

so between my job ending
and her job starting,

we went to a fruit parlor

Though it was only for a short time, I wanted to meet and congratulate her, so I suddenly invited her out a few days earlier~(>v<)

So, just before the date changed yesterday, I talked to Chinami on the phone
I listened to the last of 19-year-old Chinami’s voice

And then, I talked a lot to the Chinami who turned 20 today too

Chinami just returned from a fan club bus tour,

and she was really delighted that all of the fans celebrated for her(*^^*)

“Look look The venue became orange” she said,

and showed me a picture of the venue filled completely with her image color,

and “Look, I received this many messages\(^-^)/”,

and also showed me a picture of her holding a large message album with both hands while smiling

Chinami is happy, so Yaji is also happy

I’ve tried thinking about it,
and being deeply affected by someone’s life like this is an amazing thing

Chinami and I have been friends for 10 years already(^-^)v

I wonder why that is~
Though it’s strange, she’s a friend who really makes me feel calm

Chinami’s smile has the power to soothe people,

so there’ve been times when I was worried, and Chinami’s face came to mind,

and I thought “Ah~ I want to meet Chinami right now~(T-T)”…

when I went to leave through the ticket gate, Chinami was there waving with all her might on the other side (lol)

That way of waving,

it was how you’d wave to someone who was around 50 meters behind me (lol)
That said, it made me feel like waving back( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

But, I love that innocent and straight-forward Chinami(^-^)/

From here on too,
I feel that will ne~ver change even when we become grannies…

Let’s continue to be friends fore~ver

Well then, last is pictures of my memories with Chinami…

(1) Chinami innocently frolicing in the ocean at Enoshima…

(2) And then, this time it’s mischevious Chinami

When she turns towards the camera, she almost always does something (lol)

(3) Last is the 20-year-old Chinami

What Chinami is holding
is a cherry crepe

And, Yaji is holding a melon crepe

Both were delicious~

My number of memories increased again(^^)/
I’m grateful we could meet~

I hope that the Chinami I love is always smiling in her 20s…

Again, happy birthday
From here on too, let’s a~lways be friends

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