Blog update: “Nagoya(^з^)-☆”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 5/1 blog update, titled “Nagoya(^з^)-☆“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

Yesterday were the ℃-ute concerts in Nagoya

……but before that

We went to the Karaoke JOYSOUND store in Kanayama’s ℃-ute room

The moment we entered the store, ℃-ute’s posters jumped out in front of my eyes, so I became really happy(T-T)

For the sake of heading to the ℃-ute room, we boarded an elevator,

and the elevator was also ℃-ute-themed

And then, the ℃-ute room was also amazing~(T-T)

When we first opened the door,
this appeared↓↓


I had a hard time fitting the entire thing in the picture…(・・;)

And on this big, big panel curtain, we wrote a lot of graffiti

It is 3 meters tall, so we stood on a ladder to write all the way to the top~


After that, we still had some time left over, so we sang 2 songs


What do you think we sang

Please go to the ℃-ute room to find out(^-^)v

Please be absolutely sure to visit it

And then,
℃-ute concerts in Nagoya were as fun as possible~(*^^*)

I wonder if everyone had fun too…

When I see everyone smiling like they’re enjoying it, I start feeling really happy(´ー`)

So, Yaji loves concerts

I want to smile together at a ℃-ute concert someday with those who couldn’t participate yesterday too

And then, right now, I’ve come to a filming location in rea~lly peaceful scenery

It’s calming~

There are people who have work and school today, aren’t there

Continue to fight into the afternoon
I’m cheering for you

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