Blog update: “Sense of accomplishment(;_;)”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 4/27 blog update, titled “Sense of accomplishment(;_;)“:

Good afternoon
It’s Maimi

Yesterday, I appeared on the USTREAM program
“Hagiwara Mai desu ga… Nani ka??” on the spur of the moment

Airi became able to work after 10:00PM since she turned 18-years-old,

and “Hagiwara Mai desu ga… Nani ka??” was her first live appearance after 10:00PM

I thought I’d pop my head in┃ ┃v・)っ
to where they were filming,
and then even Yaji appeared on the live broadcast

We received a call from Hagi-chan during the program, and we talked live on the air

It was really fun

…By the way, I want the Hagi-o and Hagi-ko (Hagi-chan’s characters) t-shirt that Hagi-chan made on the program(>∀<)/

And then, thank you for all the comments

the last episode of my bicycle trip from Tokyo to Shizuoka to pray for the success of “Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku” was broadcast on “HaroPuro! TIME”

There were difficult things during this trip, but it wasn’t just difficult

By nature, I love to go for walks and to look at scenery, so I received a lot of soothing from the various scenery I saw(´∀`)

The reflection of the setting sun sparkling on the river
I saw elementary school-aged children playing baseball on the side of that river, and it made me nostalgic for when I did the same(´ー`)

In addition, I interacted with various people

There were people who said things to me like “Hang in there” and “What an amazing bicycle~“, and people who gave me directions,

and in a soba restaraunt I went to for lunch on the second day, there was a store clerk who said “I know ℃-ute Please do your best(^^)d”,

and I was really happy that they knew about us

The trip was over the span of 3 days, so there were a lot of things that couldn’t fit into the broadcast

At any rate, I wouldn’t have been able to meet the people I did if I didn’t take this trip,

I wouldn’t have been able to seen the scenery I did if I didn’t take this trip,

and I’m glad I was able to take this trip~ I feel

Ah I’m also able to read a map now

And then, after travelling for 3 days on bicycle, I was finally able to reach my destination of Kunouzan Toushougu Shrine

I felt an amazing sense of accomplishment

Whether or not as a result of my prayers,
a lot of people listened to “Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku”, so I was really happy

I’m grateful to the staff of “HaroPuro TIME”

In addition, in order to film, the staff travelled the same distance with me…

When I thought “I’m not the only one having a difficult time“, I was able to do my best

It was also the first time for the program to have a segment air over 6 weeks, so thank you very much(;_;)

Everyone too, thank you for all of the support

Yaji surely became stronger(lol)

Alright Without losing to the rain today, I will go in high spirits

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