Blog update: “Yaji appeared!!( ゜o゜ノ)ノ”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 4/25 blog update, titled “Yaji appeared!!( ゜o゜ノ)ノ“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Thank you for the many comments of congratulations

There’s a lot of members of Team ℃-ute, so I’m happy…(T-T)

Everyone support gives me a lot of power

Wasn’t yesterday as hot as summer

In the radiant sunlight,
the flowers were vivid,

so it was really, really nice weather,

but I thought “Spring, don’t end~(>_<)"

Yaji is sensitive to extreme temperatures…
Spring and autumn are my favorite seasons…

In addition, this spring I haven’t had any symptoms of hayfever at all, so this is the best spring ever

Have I been cured of hayfever…(・o・)? No way… right(..)
I’ve never heard of anyone being cured of hayfever
At any rate, I survived this year~(;^o^)

I went with my mom to karaoke~

I wonder how many years it’s been since I went to karaoke with my mom

As soon as we entered the store,
Yaji appeared on the screen in the lobby, so I was surprised

I was talking to Kyari Pamyu Pamyu-san on the DAM Channel

Afterwards, the ℃-ute members appeared in order of age,

and “Ah This is how the filming from that time looks now” I was able to confirm with my own eyes(^-^)v

And then, I also have some announcements today

Sequels to last year’s DVD movie in which I played the role of “Reira”,
“Black Angels”, have been decided

Releasing on 7/4
“Black Angels 2 ~Kuroki Kakusei Hen~”

Releasing on 8/3
“Black Angels 3 ~Kuroki Shitou Hen~”

It was filmed last winter

The picture makes me feel really nostalgic…

This time I used wires during an action scene for the first time,

so it was an amazing experience
I want to refine my action skills more and more…

And then, in the magazine coming out today,
“Hello! Channel vol.8”,

we went to the Honjo Disaster Prevention Center,
and we studied disasters


In addition, it’s the release date for “Dijimono Station”


I introduced my recommended books

Be sure to check it out please

The weather is nice today too
Let’s have a wonderful day

Well then, until tomorrow’s update

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