Blog update: “Koshigaya”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 4/16 blog update, titled “Koshigaya“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Everyone, are you sore

Yesterday’s ℃-ute concert in Koshigaya was really, really exciting,

and we really burned up at the end~

It was rea~lly fun…
Did everyone enjoy it

Everyone who came to the venue,
everyone who supported us from afar,
thank you so very much

I’m looking forward to the performances in Gotanda this weekend

During this tour ℃-ute will grow more and more,

and so that people hear about us from word of mouth and think

“I haven’t gone to a ℃-ute concert, but I wonder if I should try“,

and so that as many people as possible think things like “I want to go to a ℃-ute concert again“,

and “I’ll try taking my friends“,

℃-ute will work hard(`・∀・´)

So we can go to places we haven’t gone to before to have a concert and meet a lot of people too

Ah I’ll do my best

Well then, here are yesterday’s pictures…
Before the performance

After the performance

We were given pudding
There were various faces drawn on the tops,
and there was one that looked like each member…

I wonder if everyone can’t tell from the picture

Especially the top left
Airi occasionally makes a face like this(´∀`)(lol)

They were really delicious

Now then
I saw today’s horoscopes by chance before leaving the house…

and Aquarius is number 1

It’ll be nice if there is something good waiting for me(*^^*)
I hope a lot of good things happen for everyone too…

Well then, I’m o~ff

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