Blog update: “First day of the tour”

Here’s the translation of Maimi’s 4/14 blog update, titled “First day of the tour“:

Good evening
It’s Maimi

℃-ute’s solo tour opened today without any trouble

In addition, the first day of the tour
was held in the birthplace of 4 of the 5 ℃-ute members, Saitama prefecture

Our hometown Saitama I’m happy

Before the performance, everyone was really nervous
But also considerably excited for our first solo tour in about a year q(^-^q)

Now that today’s concerts ended safely, my thought is…

As expected, concerts are fun

I love them\(^-^)/

I’m really happy~

At the evening performance today, all of the fans had a surprise celebration for Airi, who turned 18 on 4/12,

and I was really, really moved by that warmth…

The room was filled with kindness and warmth…(*^^*)

In addition, there was something personal that made me happy today…

Friends of my mom and dad who took care of me when I was little came and watched their first ℃-ute concert today

My mom occassionally meets with them even now, but was n~ever able to meet with them starting around elementary school…,

but they really embraced my shy self,

and we went shopping together,
and we would cook together at their home

I remember cutting the onions into little pieces…

The day before the peformance,
I heard from my mom
“They seem to be really looking forward to it“,

and I was really happy

I’ll relax and listen to my mom talk about it later(lol)

Now then, tomorrow’s concerts will also be at
Sun City Koshigaya Shimin Hall

Right now, in the lobby of Sun City Koshigaya Shimin Hall, there is a machine installed

If you touch your cellphone to this machine, you can access a URL and answer a survey

Those who cooperate

will receive an e-mail of thanks from us

Everyone in Koshigaya, definitely, definitely check it out please

Well then, last is today’s pictures
(1) Arriving at the venue
A picture from the dressing room in the morning

(2) Finished putting on the costume
From here is the performance

(3) ℃-ute assembled
A shot where we’re soaked with sweat after the concert

I’ll work hard so that tomorrow’s concert is also the best

Sweet dreams(^з^)-☆
Good night

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