Blog update: “Bicycle trip”

Here’s the translation for Maimi’s 4/13 blog update, titled “Bicycle trip“:

Good morning
It’s Maimi

Yesterday was
the generalprobe for the ℃-ute tour finally starting tomorrow

A “generalprobe” is
a rehearsal where we rehearse from start to finish
while wearing the costumes, hair styles, and make-up we will wear in the performance

Tsunku♂-san also came and watched

There are still a lot of challenges from here,

and I want to grow so much, both personally and as ℃-ute, that anyone can notice it… I feel

Right I have no choice but to do my best

And then, soon after the day changed today,
the TV Tokyo program “HaroPuro TIME” aired,

and Yajima Maimi’s 3-day/2-night bicycle trip,
some how or other I was able to make it from Tokyo to Atami in 2 days

I stayed at a hotel in Kamakura on the first day, and since I had travelled all day in a posture I wasn’t used to, my back hurt

When I stretched out my back and leaned against the folded-up futon,

maybe because I was relieved I was able to make it to the hotel safely, I fell asleep before I knew it

Around 2:30 I woke up and thought “Crap(゜ロ゜;”… I realized that I had fallen asleep holding my cellphone without starting my blog update

I’m really sorry for not updating for three days

And honestly, I wasn’t able to read the comments for 3 days either…

After my bicycle trip was over,
when I looked at the comments,

There were a lot of comments like
“What’s going on?”,
“Did you catch a cold?”,
and “Anyway, I’m worried, so I want to at least know if you’re alright(>_<)"

I really regret making everyone so worried

In addition, I was moved that everyone had thought of me like that, and I felt like I was going to cry

Ah I got off topic, but after I woke up I took a bath,

and the instant I got in,
Ah~ I was warmed to my core,
and it was a moment of supreme bliss

Yajima Maimi completely recovered in the bath\(^-^)/

My back didn’t hurt a~t all on the second day

I enjoyed travelling by bicycle while enjoying the scenery

I increased my incredibly slow pace from the difficult first day,

and I was ahead of schedule,

so I took some detours~

(1) I also sent this picture to the other ℃-ute members with a message saying “I’ve come this far~

I also went to a bicycle racing track

Various other things happened during my trip that will be broadcast later

After this, something that scared me happened…

Please definitely watch next week, too

And then, starting on 4/1,

various versions of the music video for
“Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku”
are being uploaded daily on ℃-ute’s channel on YouTube,

and yesterday Yajima Maimi’s “Train Lip Version” was uploaded

And then today, the music video filmed in Hawaii was finally shown

Please definitely check both of them out

(2.3) The Snoopy-kun who we met in Hawaii

He was named after the character Snoopy,

and did you know that Snoopy is a beagle(゜ロ゜)

When I first found out, I was really surprised

Isn’t Snoopy white(・o・;)

Why isn’t he black and brown, I wonder…(・・;) Hmmm… I’m interested…

While holding onto that question, I will do my best at rehearsal today

I’m o~ff


Yesterday, simultaneously with Airi’s birthday,
was also Yoshizawa Hitomi-san’s birthday

Yoshizawa-san, happy birthday

I’m indebted to Yoshizawa-san for her help on the futsal team

Every time I see her, she’s pretty and cool

From here on the number of matches will add up, so please continue to take care of me

Please have a wonderful year

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